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User Experience Research at Rapid7

In a recent blog post, JF Boisvert from Rapid7's User Experience (UX) team spoke about the new and improved User Experience with Nexpose [/2015/10/01/nexpose-60-new-and-improved-user-experience]. JF condensed the changes to Nexpose over the past 5 years. In that time, the product user interface has under gone massive changes. The focus of Nexpose 6.0 is the information security content. Navigation is placed in a secondary role, yet our customers continue to have easy access to global features li

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Nexpose 6.0: New and Improved User Experience

Introduction My name is JF Boisvert - Nexpose Senior UX Architect. In this role, I see opportunities everyday to improve our user flows, visual design, and customer usage. I am excited to share with you valuable insights into the Nexpose 6 product development process, and how we are making a better, more usable product. Process With Nexpose 6, we are laying a new foundation which will percolate across all of our product line to eventually unify the look, experience, and interactions our custom

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Streamlined Nexpose Scan Workflow

While using our products, we want you to have the best possible experience. The Design team at Rapid7 is focusing a lot on UX Research [/2014/12/31/user-experience-research-rapid7] and analyzing all the feedback you have been providing us. As designers, we want to fix everything at once. However, after doing a reality check with product leads, it's clear that we have to take an incremental approach. That way you do not have to wait long for our new releases and updates. The first thing you use N

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Designing for Security (Applications) - a multipart series

Water, Water Everywhere As technology moves forward, it's clear that we're surrounded by more and more information from numerous sources, both in our personal and professional lives, far in excess of our ability to manage and understand it. In security, the information problem is not necessarily in the absence of information about your network, but the ability collect it, parse what's been gathered and identify interesting, or even critical details. The sheer volume of information is a valuable

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User Experience Research @ Rapid7

In some companies, User Experience Research is often skipped due to resource and budget constraints. Rapid7 has a dedicated User Experience Research team that focuses on understanding our customers' behaviors, their needs, motivations, and the environments in which they work.  We do this in order to create technology that helps users in the most natural and powerful way possible. To find answers for these questions, the Rapid7 User Experience Research team defines the questions we need to answ

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Flatten the Learning Curve

"Enterprise products have always worked this way. Our users are familiar with it." -- I am drawing from memory, so I would not dare say that is an exact quote, but I have had various software professionals say it to me as recently as a year ago. It really bothered me to hear someone so comfortable with the status quo when there was absolutely no reason for it. While I understand that their requirements, like user management and administrator roles, will live on and with good reason. Still, buil

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Granular asset searches and a new "Policies" tab?

I am part of product management team at Rapid7 and I am responsible for the user experience across all our products. I am fascinated with new technologies specifically related to artificial intelligence and HCI. My weekend leisure projects range from creating an ambient mail informatics system with an arduino (a small processor) to creating a sensor-laced cane for blind users. I wrote about some cool UI improvements [