Growth Development & Programs Associate

Boston, MA


Boston, MA


Sales & Business Development

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Our Growth Development Team is responsible for helping new sellers get up and running, while developing our tenured sellers to continue breaking down barriers in their careers. We work relentlessly to keep our Go-To-Customer teams sharp, empowering them to deliver revolutionary value to our customers who work daily to keep our data safe. We're looking for a Growth Development & Programs Associate to help us level-up our ongoing initiatives and training efforts. You'll support facilitation, scheduling, and logistics of our extremely successful New Hire Ramp Program and our point-in-time skill building workshops, as well as manage our sales collateral strategy. This role is key to our team's mission as we advocate, challenge convention and impact together to transform one of tech's best places to work into an even better place to build a Go-To-Customer career. 

What does our ideal teammate look like? You …

  • Have top-notch organizational and time management skills

  • Confidently manage overlapping program schedules while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks

  • Enjoy getting up in front of people, telling stories, and breaking down complex concepts into relatable information

  • Embrace (lots of) technology as a valuable tool to help accelerate collaboration and results

  • Are ready for a new challenge, and are keen to develop new skills and start down a new career path

  • Treat personal growth as a constant must-have in your next position

  • Strive for perfection but are comfortable with the trade-offs that come with dynamic and collaborative projects

  • Are an innovator- You're always looking for ways to improve how we do what we do

  • Aren't just comfortable with change, you plan for the unknown and can adjust on the fly

  • Refuse to settle for “well that's the way we've always done it”

  • Thrive in a personal, face to face culture- Your desk is as much a place to work as it is to host conversations with stakeholders

  • Understand that no one is an island- You depend on your teammates, don't hesitate to communicate successes and difficulties, and are known as a team player who can be leaned on in the same way

  • Are scrappy and resourceful- You know how to remove barriers that threaten success

  • Aren't afraid to be you, and believe that great ideas come from tapping into your unique life experiences

In this role you will:

  • Schedule our ongoing New Hire Ramp Program for all new-to-the-role Account Executives and Customer Success Managers 

  • Facilitate New Hire Ramp Program sessions in person and virtually across our US Sales & Customer Success Teams

  • Develop training content for live presentation and eLearning delivery by subject-matter experts 

  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with sales representatives and managers to help new sellers achieve early success and build a path to long-term success

  • Identify new ways to deliver skills development and bring your ideas to fruition with a focus on skill practice, reinforcement, certification, and tracking

  • Help manage scheduling, logistics, and communication for point-in-time training programs

  • Track & ensure timely delivery of all programs; Foresee potential conflicts, dependencies and work to remove roadblocks

  • Collaborate across Sales, Sales & Business Development, and our Growth Practices to equip our sales force to deliver ongoing customer value through actionable updates to the security landscape, our portfolio, and the needs of the security community

In return you will bring:

  • Bachelor's degree and 2 years of professional experience, ideally supporting an inside sales organization

  • Enthusiasm and interest in all things sales enablement

  • Ability to create engaging content in Google Drive applications

  • Excellent organization skills with the ability to juggle multiple overlapping program schedules

  • Dependable follow-up skills to track outcomes and continue to support learner development throughout their careers

  • Great communication skills with the ability to discover, understand, and translate business needs into actionable items 

  • Intermediate audio-visual content creation skills

  • Able to work independently as well as part of a team in a driven and energetic environment

  • Adaptability to meet the needs of an innovate & fast-paced business

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Facilitator experience a plus