Sr. Director, Product Management - Platform

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Sr. Director, Product Management -  Platform

Company Description

Rapid7 (NASDAQ: RPD) is helping organizations around the globe advance securely. Our technology, services, and community-focused research simplify complexity for security teams, helping them reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks. With more than 9000 customers across 120+ countries, Rapid7 is a recognized leader in cybersecurity that has proudly earned numerous industry accolades and strong recognition for our technology and culture. For more information, visit our website, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.

Our Mission 

Security operations teams are underserved. Impactful outcomes are few and far between and cost more than expected. Hundreds of security vendors build solutions for 1% of companies who have 10x more of everything, yet still get breached. The security gap grows wider daily; security operations teams deserve better.


At Rapid7, we can close the gap by serving customers intentionally. We choose to believe: 

  • The status quo maintains the gap, so we challenge convention

  • Every company is unique - we deliver extensible, adaptable solutions enabling the outcomes matching the customer's needs

  • There is strength in numbers, so we provide tools to security, IT, compliance and business partners to make an impact together

  • Security needs champions, so we advocate for security within corporations, governments and beyond

  • Attackers are relentless, so our job is never done


We have assembled a diverse, world-class product leadership team, composed of recovering engineers, serial entrepreneurs and experience savants to bring our vision to reality. If you want to become an impactful leader within a growing, leading company bent on making a dent in the universe, we want to hear from you!



The Opportunity

In 2015 the Insight Platform began with a simple idea: security teams drown in data. There is no shortage of alerts, incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, malware, cloud accounts, databases, name it. It takes every drop of a security team's energy to tread water, leaving teams running on fumes for the actual progress needed. We believe when data collection is simple, world-class analytics are accessible, and automation-powered collaboration is ubiquitous, customers will achieve better security outcomes. 


Since inception, Rapid7's SaaS, cloud-based platform has grown to serve over 9,000 customers, powering one of the most ambitious cloud-based security portfolios in all of technology. We amplify security visibility, simplify customer response to threats, and fortify security's impact on the business. Rapid7's best-in-class capabilities span SIEM, vulnerability management, penetration testing, cloud security and application security, all powered by shared data, orchestration and automation. 


As Rapid7's ambition, offerings and capabilities expand, it is time for our team to take a giant step forward. Rapid7 seeks a Senior Director of Product Management, reporting to the SVP of the Platform Practice, to steer a multi-disciplinary product team building the platform powering both today and the future of security operations.

The Role

In this role, you will guide and shape the vision, strategy, experience and value realization of the shared services powering the Rapid7 portfolio. We're looking for a genre-busting product star to help us with:

  • Vision + strategy: You will define and evolve the vision and execution strategy for the Rapid7 Platform. You will proactively engage customers, market denizens and stakeholders across Rapid7 for input, feedback and buy-in, enabling two-way communication. 

  • Deliver a world-class experience: Our tools exist to serve humans. You are a leader that understands and values human factors especially when combined with engineering and business drivers. 

  • Chief storyteller: Humans communicate in stories. You will take our vision, strategy, design, engineering and delivery capabilities and weave them into compelling, durable narratives that inspire us and security teams to achieve. 

  • Drive operational effectiveness: Be responsible for continuous improvement across workstreams: engineering, design, product, delivery. You know keeping the trains running on time takes more than one type of high-performing team. Set standards to be met, exceeded, learned from and challenged. 

  • Work the forge: Product leaders aren't born; rather, they are created. You will temper and shape the next ring of top people in the Platform Practice from within and beyond your team. You'll be hard pressed to do it alone, so your relationships and partnerships across Rapid7 will matter.


For the qualified candidate, this role is a rare opportunity to make an impact on an industry tasked with securing the world's information. Read on to understand what it takes. 

Qualifications and Traits

  • 10+ years of experience in product leadership: Recognizing patterns, trends and devising strategies for B2B industries demands context over time. Leadership roles in PM, Engineering, Program Management, Experience design are all relevant. You have led multiple life cycles of customer-facing and internal products/services/offerings. 

  • 5+ years in roles responsible for team growth: You will be a manager, hands-on contributor and coach for a multi-disciplinary team including product managers, designers and technologists.

  • Local + global presence: This position will be located in one of our offices around the globe. We work remotely, but value in-person interaction. When permitted, travel is a tool in your kit.

  • Technology fluency: Ability to articulate the value and limitations of our technology to an equally passionate, security savvy audience. 

  • Data fluency: You understand how data differentiates belief from fact. You understand the ins and outs of product telemetry as an aid to value realization, design choices and decision support. Humans may communicate using stories, but rationally invest with data. 

  • Own customer problems: Develop, maintain and demonstrate a solid understanding of Security Operations customer needs and the problems that result from unmet needs. 

  • Team-minded leadership: Help the team deliver capabilities that satisfy customer needs. You'll act as an internal and external advocate and spokesperson, but also lend a helping hand when needed. You might be the smartest person in the room, but you have no need to prove it. 

  • Mind the gap: We collaborate constantly. When things fall through the cracks, we don't assume others will help, we take action. We are low-drama. 

  • Be intentional: We value transparency, visibility and integrity in all interactions. You will be rigorous in articulating, sharing and helping others understand customer needs and the way we solve customer problems.  

  • Growth mindset: In a growing company, responsibilities grow faster than resources can be deployed. You are comfortable with ambiguity, while striving for clarity and purpose. You know how to grow.