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Senior UX Writer

Defend the digital world and design the future of security at Rapid7!

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, we need to provide simple, yet powerful solutions to help our customers defend their digital environments. Are you up for the challenge?

The Opportunity and Essential Responsibilities

The Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) practice is looking for a spirited Senior UX Writer to create, plan, track, and help drive the strategy for VRM product content. We're seeking a writer that deeply understands customer challenges, expertly leverages data to inform content decisions, and ensures that content is effective and contextual. 

As a Senior UX Writer, you will be an integral part of a growing and friendly writing team contributing to and impacting the content and user experience of products within the VRM practice. You will help define and drive our content strategy, as well as provide mentorship for junior team members. You'll work directly with team members in Boston, MA; Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We don't require cybersecurity experience. It's nice to have, but ultimately we're looking for an experienced writer with great UX instincts that can identify needs across products and content. We know there will be a ramp-up period, and will support your journey into this exciting field!

Who we are looking for:

  • Someone passionate about finding the right words for the right audience at the right time. You coordinate with SMEs to understand product changes while asking questions with our users in mind.

  • A strong and dynamic communicator. You successfully bring together cross-functional teams from the start to deliver valuable, high quality, content experiences together.

  • Curiosity and motivation to learn complex and technical details. You can navigate complex, technical scenarios or tools and provide guidance to deliver content that simplifies the complexity.

  • A mentor for junior team members. You are a trusted and confident partner leading your team forward and mentoring others. You empower peers to share work and ask for feedback. You provide constructive feedback and can expertly frame it in the context of the work.

  • A focus on solutions to customer needs, not just writing content. You see the UX process and solutions as a means to deliver value to our customers, and balance the right amount with your partners. 

  • Value a growth and collaborative mindset over ego. You embody the “we” attitude, and “grab a shovel” when needed, regardless of swimlanes or areas of ownership. You believe success happens as a team. 

  • Believe deep partnership is the root of success. You naturally build strong partnerships across the organization, and have an active voice in product development, advocating for best practices and recommendations on content improvements. 

  • Someone who is unafraid of ambiguity. You push forward through an unclear direction, and help define that direction with your UX, PM, and engineering counterparts.

  • A strong sense of accountability. You have excellent time management skills, and hold yourself accountable to commitments.

  • Someone who has about 4-6 years of relevant experience as a UX Writer. That being said, the path to a career in UX Writing is often filled with turns and twists. If you're a UX Writer with a couple years of experience under your belt and have past experience as a marketing writer or UX designer, or in another tech-related field, we invite you to apply!

Why You'll Stand Out:

  • Understanding of and experience with cyber security. While we don't require cyber security experience, it would be great if you are already familiar with the common terms and problems facing cyber security.

  • Experience with creating a variety of content (installation instructions, product walkthroughs, videos, infographics, presentations) with a focus on usability. 

  • Understanding the requirements for interviewing SMEs to make the best use of the time available to walk away with the information you need to create content. 

  • Exposure or direct experience with cloud technology, particularly with a lean towards security. 

  • Experience with UI/UX concepts and principles, information architecture, and an understanding of the relationship between docs, product, and UX.

UX Writing Core Competencies

As UX writers, we are stewards of content that is often technical. To thrive in this environment, we focus on a few core competencies:

  • Writing - Demonstrates strong mastery of the written language and ability to create effective and relevant content for our users. Embodies our brand voice, and delivers the right tone at the right moment. Creates substantial, rich content that solidifies relationships with technical audiences.

  • Technical Acumen - Has the ability to help people understand technical things. Takes a hands-on approach to researching, dives into complex systems, and simplifies complex topics for users. Builds the necessary relationships to develop technical and customer knowledge.

  • Content Strategy - Understands, aligns, and helps define the broader content vision, is aware of the team's content capacity, and makes informed content decisions that will deliver the best experiences for our audiences. Deeply understands the user's journey and the type of content necessary at each step of that journey. 

  • Research and Design - Designs the conversation between our products and our users. Ability to structure, organize, and design content that will effectively help users achieve their desired goals. Ensures that users have the right level of information based on the topic or task at hand, and users can intuitively access and discover the content they need.

Our UX Philosophy

As user experience practitioners, we believe our ability to deliver real, sustainable customer value hinges on using the skills of design to help teams reach confident shared understanding, and include people of every expertise in the creation of design solutions.

There are several key pillars of our philosophy that makes this possible:

  • Everyone owns and is accountable to the experience. We partner across practices and departments to help uncover customer needs, and create a shared knowledge that empowers everyone as user champions. This ensures that we truly deliver the right experience that helps our customers meet their outcomes.

  • Inclusive design at every step of the way. Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of what we do. The only way we achieve customer outcomes is together. We bring in folks as subject-matter experts, empower them to be part of the design process, and facilitate shared accountability to the customer experience. We discover, design, and deliver together!

  • Embody the missionary mindset. We recognize that making products is a messy and interdependent process, so it's critical for everyone to take a relational rather than transactional approach when engaging one another. It's often more about motivating people around the right goals, customer insights, and activities than checking boxes for requirements. We rally around the customer and their needs to drive this shared purpose! 

  • Experience is about putting the customer journey at the center. Our bread and butter is the craft itself. We use the tools of UX—research, user flows, interactions, content, inventories, interfaces, maps, journeys, and more—to help teams stay focused and motivated to help customers achieve their outcomes.