Senior Software Engineer - Open Source

US - TX - Austin


US - TX - Austin, US - Remote


Product & Engineering

Job Overview

The Labs team, as part of the Office of the CTO, uses our experience, expertise, and passion for cyber security to establish a leading understanding of worldwide emerging attacker methodologies.

In this senior role, you will be responsible for nurturing and maturing Rapid7's open source cybersecurity offerings. In the short term, this will be centered around Recog, an open source library of unauthenticated, remote fingerprints for network-attached devices. In the longer term, you will become the company-wide expert on managing open source projects funded by Rapid7 and staffed by open source contributors worldwide.

You will draw on a variety of disciplines to achieve success in this role. This will include traditional software development and software engineering skills, ranging from writing and reviewing code in multiple languages (mostly Ruby, Python, and R) to building continuous integration and continuous release processes. You will also be responsible for managing an extended, loosely organized team of open source contributors from around the world. Finally, you will collaborate across the company (in marketing, legal, and product engineering teams, primarily) as well as externally (blog posts, webinars, and conference appearances) to ensure these projects get an appropriate level of support and ensure that targeted projects meet the expectations of Rapid7's internal and external customers, as well as the open source world at large.

Distributed Team

This is a mostly remote position with occasional visits to the Austin, TX office located in downtown Austin, as well as company headquarters in downtown Boston, MA. The team normally works remotely (even in non-pandemic times) and is located primarily in the US and Northern Ireland. Slack and Zoom calls are our way of life. Visits to the office are encouraged for deeper collaboration and cross-team communication when possible.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Build, maintain, and enhance public open source projects with a focus on internet security.

  • Engage with other teams to enable and empower them using Rapid7 open source products.

  • Example tech that we use in Rapid7's existing open source and open data portfolio: Ruby, Python, R, Node.js, Golang, AWS (Glue, Athena, EMR/Spark), Docker, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes, React, and Apache Airflow.

Job Requirements

  • Very strong communication skills

  • Deep understanding of network protocols and the security implications thereof.

  • Proficient in common software development and software engineering practices

  • Experience in being a primary contributor to open source projects on GitHub

  • Strong programming skills in Ruby, Python, R, or Golang

  • Writing maintainable software subject to continuous testing

  • Solid understanding of the general cybersecurity landscape

  • An understanding of the legal and marketing characteristics of open source software