Manager, Network Engineering

Northern Ireland - Belfast


Northern Ireland - Belfast, UK - Reading, Ireland - Dublin


Business Support, Information Security, Information Technology, Product & Engineering, Security Services

Have a home network lab just because?  Obsessed with keeping things secure? Giggle when you've created a 40Gig flexstack with multiple points of HA? 

We are looking for a creative person to lead our savvy network team, who understands that technology is meant to empower people. You will be part of a community which is fanatical about security and on a mission to make an impact in the global technology ecosystem. 

What we bring to the table:

  • Awesome company culture

  • Dynamic people and environment

  • Focus on employee experience

  • Not afraid to try things (disciplined risk taking)

  • Mindset of continuous evolution


  • Can design and support many types of networks with varying complexity, including virtual networks

  • Are able to manage logistics with vendors, hardware ordering, project deadlines, and people 

  • Like to maintain and improve security tools and systems in the Network

  • Are resilient under pressure, let's face it, lots of prima donnas out there… 

  • Have a strong desire to continually learn and apply new network technology and security techniques 

  • Have an overwhelming need to find a permanent fix to something you have just fixed again, in fact you will lose sleep if you don't… 

  • Can work well with a variety of technical teams, including a very talented, highly involved security team 

  • Like to experiment.. a lot… hence the home lab 

  • Keep current with the latest technology

  • Think Pentesting your own network is fun

Our Ideal candidate has:

  • 5-10 years experience in designing and managing network infrastructure

  • 3+ years experience with vulnerability management, security event monitoring, pen. testing

  • 2+ years experience leading and developing people 

  • Advanced Technical certifications in: Network Design, Voice Systems, Network Security 

  • Expert with firewall/switch/router/Wifi configuration 

  • Experience with IDS/IPS and SIEM tools

  • Has a College or University Diploma

  • Ability to travel to other office locations domestically and international 

We have ambitious goals and need people that are dynamic, desire to be part of something greater than they are, and are passionate about having secure technology. You have a chance to be part of a company that is changing how people think about information security. Your creativity will be highly valued and your nerdiness will seem normal. If you want a place where you can grow and make an impact, this is it.