Manager, Software Engineering (Integrations) - InsightConnect

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US - MA - Boston


Product & Engineering

Rapid7 Mission

Security operations teams are underserved. Impactful outcomes are few and far between and cost more than expected. Hundreds of security vendors build solutions for 1% of companies who have 10x more of everything, yet still get breached. The security gap grows wider daily; security operations teams deserve better.

At Rapid7, we can close the gap by serving customers intentionally. We choose to believe:

  • The status quo maintains the gap, so we challenge convention

  • Every company is unique - we deliver extensible, adaptable solutions enabling the outcomes matching the customer's needs

  • There is strength in numbers, so we provide tools to security, IT, compliance and business partners to make an impact together

  • Security needs champions, so we advocate for security within corporations, governments and beyond

  • Attackers are relentless, so our job is never done

The Opportunity

In 2015 the Insight Platform began with a simple idea: security teams drown in data. There is no shortage of alerts, incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, malware, cloud accounts, databases, name it. It takes every drop of a security team's energy to tread water, leaving teams running on fumes for the actual progress needed. We believe when data collection is simple, world-class analytics are accessible, and automation-powered collaboration is ubiquitous, customers will achieve better security outcomes. 

Then, in 2018, we launched InsightConnect to power the automation behind the Insight Platform. InsightConnect began transforming security programs by connecting the tool stacks of security and IT teams, to achieve efficiency through automation. To accomplish that, we have built over 300 plugins and nearly 200 pre-built workflows (use-cases) over the past 3 years...but, we can and need to do more. Our customers want to connect more of their software tools, and need more of their security processes automated so that they can improve their management of threats, reduce their risk, and take a breath. 

We're looking for an engineering leader who favors execution, is obsessed with customer outcomes, is unafraid to dive into problems, and think about scale...all to evolve Rapid7's set of 400+ integrations into a security-outcome driven ecosystem.

If you are looking for an opportunity to drive tremendous impact in a growing market through an emerging Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response product called InsightConnect, help our customers achieve success in increasing their operational efficiency through automation, and grow an integral part of Rapid7's security operations platform and overall expansion strategy, this could be the role for you!


You will be focused on, and managing and leading teams that will

  • Build and deliver open-source software including integrations, SDKs, and developer tooling

  • Make automation through InsightConnect intuitive and accessible across the Rapid7 platform.

  • Work cross functionally with multiple stakeholders and teams to deliver the best experience possible for the customer.


  • Develop successful engineering teams by providing strategic direction, technical guidance, expectations, individual development plans, and regular feedback.

  • Engage with customers to build empathy and understand where customers find success and encounter challenges when leveraging automation for their security programs

  • Work cross functionally with PM, UX, Engineering, and Sales to address specific customer pain points.

  • Organize, plan, and build and deliver software solutions


  • You have a growth mindset. In a growing company, responsibilities grow faster than resources can be deployed. You are comfortable with ambiguity, while striving for clarity and purpose. You know how to grow.  

  • You have grit; long-term focus on projects, and adaptability to uncertainty, are not easily deterred and can see the forest for the trees

  • You advocate for the customer by understanding, empathizing, and driving teams to collaborate to find the best solution to solve customer problems


  • You have strong leadership to drive both technical direction and motivate and align teams towards business requirements and customer objectives

  • Experience managing a team of engineers for 5+ years.

  • Experience working on the backend of a SaaS company or ownership of a large software project for 5+ years

  • Strong Python experience, Go, CI/CD, and software testing

Rapid7 (Nasdaq: RPD) is advancing security with visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through our Insight cloud. Our solutions simplify the complex, allowing security teams to work more effectively with IT and development to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks. Over 9,300 customers rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to improve security outcomes and securely advance their organization. For more information, visit our website, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.