Senior Business Development Representative - Cybersecurity

Brazil - Remote


Brazil - Remote


Sales & Business Development

This is a phone sales role.

Here at Rapid7, we're bridging the gap between security and innovation. It's an ambitious mission, and to achieve it we need bright minds housed in some truly fearless rock stars— those who can (proverbially) look Black Hat hackers in the eyes and not back down from the challenge. Yes, the bad guys might make some sensational headlines, but we won't waver from our commitment to protect the world's ability to innovate.

In the past three years Rapid7 have made sensational headlines of our own. We've gone pub- lic on the Nasdaq, tripled our workforce, and won countless awards for our products, services, and outstanding workplace environment.

Instrumental to such ferocious growth has been the Business Development team; where the only things growing faster than our sales pipeline are our team members! In four years, four- teen rock stars have graduated from the global Business Development programme into high- impact roles in Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success - based here or abroad. There is no better place to begin, or continue, your lucrative career in High-Tech Sales.

What do we offer?

  • An opportunity to join a hypergrowth security vendor

  • Hypergrowth without diluting our unique culture

  • The ability to sell award winning solutions which help to make the world a safer place

  • A defined career development path, with regular promotions at agreed milestones

  • A diverse and inclusive team with a leader who genuinely cares about you and your career

  • Regular activities for you to socialise with your new bandmates

  • Continuous learning - this is one of our core values

  • A higher level of autonomy than most entry-level roles

  • Opportunities to travel, network, and learn with colleagues, partners, and industry peers

  • A steady stream of qualified inbound leads from our website, free trials, and industry events (which you can attend also!)

  • A competitive salary and benefits - with a realistic, simple commission plan

It's yours, if you...

  • Communicate with passion

  • Have proven experience in a role which involves selling

  • Are fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Based in São Paulo or willing to relocate to São Paulo

  • Dedicate yourself to continuous learning

  • Demonstrate initiative by leaving your comfort zone and taking disciplined risks

  • Geek out about topics you are curious about

  • Employ teamwork to help your fellow bandmates succeed

  • Get fired up by friendly competition

Are you ready to stage-dive into a career in one of the world's fastest growing industries?

Whether you're a Beethoven, Prince, Beyonce, or Björk, we've got a place for you...