Senior Software Engineer - FinOps

US - MA - Boston


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Product & Engineering

The Opportunity

Rapid7's Platform Engineering team is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our new Cloud Optimization team.  As a member of this team, you'll work to optimize the core architecture of our SaaS platform for cost efficiency, performance and scalability.  Our product teams are building a suite of products to equip security teams with the visibility, analytics, and automation they need to protect their environments.  You'll collaborate closely with these teams to ensure our solutions are cost-effective and make optimal use of public cloud resources.

This is a great opportunity for someone with a passion for building efficient solutions in the public cloud.  You'll combine your interest in FinOps with your software development knowledge to work on challenging software problems at the center of our SaaS architecture.

The Role

In this role, you'll help to optimize our global SaaS platform for cost, performance and scalability. You'll dive deep into the core of our most important products and data hungry features to identify and implement improvements to our software architecture with the ultimate goal of reducing our cloud costs and making our platform more efficient.  You will bridge the gap between our finance and engineering teams helping both to understand cloud spending trends, develop better forecasting models and inform pricing and packaging decisions.  You'll leverage the best tools and vendors available to identify and execute cost savings opportunities.

This is not a role where you just help identify cost savings opportunities.  You'll be working on challenging software engineering problems as you improve some of our most important production data pipelines and features.  You'll be collaborating to optimize the engine while the plane is in the air!  Your success will directly impact our ability to competitively offer reliable and performant security solutions to our customers.

In this role, you will:

  • Collaborate cross functionally with engineering teams in other business units to understand their cloud architecture and contribute performance and cost-effective improvements to their codebase

  • Contribute to a microservice-designed architecture built on AWS

  • Develop services and automation to help optimize our usage of AWS services

  • Leverage modern tools, such as Cloudability and CloudZero, and outside vendors to identify opportunities for cost savings

  • Partner with our finance teams to enhance our understanding of cloud spend, including per-customer and per-unit spend, and improving forecasts and budgets

Qualifications and traits:

  • Demonstrable passion for the craft of software development, including active or recent Java experience

  • Comfort with tools such as GitHub, Maven and Terraform for building, reviewing and productionalizing code and infrastructure

  • Desire to collaborate with our other product teams to think strategically about how to solve problems

  • Interest in Cloud Financial Management (FinOps), the practice of bringing financial accountability to the consumption based spend model of public cloud

  • Knowledge of public cloud services, such as AWS, and application architectures built on top of these technologies

  • Familiarity with public cloud pricing and billing models, specifically AWS

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience