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Sales & Business Development

Here are three key reasons the Sales Development programme at Rapid7 could be the career defining moment which you are looking for:


The Team

This programme is all about the team: We learn together. We socialize together. We create Impact Together. From the moment you sign your contract expect to see your LinkedIn inbox swell with congratulations from your new teammates, and the welcome won't stop there. Throughout onboarding, your time in our programme, and beyond - you will build professional and friendship bonds which will last. As well as the weekly team meeting, there are daily informal drop ins; for coffee, coaching, and a pre-weekend round up. Where we can meet safely in person, we make that happen too. Our InsightCoffee programme pays you to network far and wide across the organisation, and the globe. We commit to be the team which gives out the most ‘Guitar Picks' in recognition of our colleagues for their support. Our team is a safe space to bring your authentic self to work each day, whether at home, the office, or out on business.


The Career Opportunity

Over the last 6 years, 21 hard-working and talented individuals have graduated from our International Sales Development programme. 100% of them are still with Rapid7 today in high-impact roles across Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Operations and Leadership. We will teach you everything you need to know, develop your skills, give you candid – but empathetic – feedback, regularly. We will encourage and support you to leave your comfort zone, and the learning opportunities are fantastic; with tools like LinkedIn Learning, OverDrive and HighSpot - new knowledge is always at your fingertips. If you want to follow a path of professional study and certification, then you'll have a colleague or a manager who can guide you in the right direction, and maybe even share their notes and study materials too. Our team culture is highly focused on fostering the exact conditions for you to thrive during a long-term career with Rapid7 that could span multiple roles, teams, locations or remits - But wherever it takes you, we are all One Moose, with one very important mission…


The Security Industry

We exist to secure the digital services upon which the world increasingly depends. The world has never been more reliant on digital technology than today. It's where kids attend school. Businesses operate. Relationships spark and blossom. Financial transactions process. CCTV archives. Power grids are managed. Medical devices are monitored... There is no end to the extent which life as we know it depends on these digital capabilities being available and secure. However, with the ever-accelerating pace of change and innovation, the opportunity for attackers increases exponentially. To exploit our systems, hold our data to ransom, and put lives on hold… or worse, to an end. Cyber Security is a deadly serious challenge, and you can rest assured that every time you reach out to a prospective customer offering to assist them, you are not just helping their organisation, but also their customers – and the wider world – to become more secure.


The Role:

You will be proactively engaging senior security professionals within mid-market and enterprise organisations across the Singapore region. The goal is to drive engagement, interest and qualify opportunities for the sales team to progress and win. The telephone will be your primary strategy, but you will have to leverage other tools and approaches in addition. As an SDR (level three in our programme) you will already be confident sourcing your own leads; through research, tools and referrals.


You will bring:

  • Flawless and charismatic communication

  • Good understanding of business level English

  • Awareness of the buyer journey, sales process, and the stakeholders involved

  • Win stories about large, interesting or challenging deals that you were able find in your previous experience on the telephone

  • Professional curiosity; with a drive to educate yourself and others

  • A positive and supportive team member, who celebrates the wins of your colleagues as enthusiastically as if they were your own

  • Passion for our security cause, and technology in general

  • Finally you need to be self-disciplined and resilient in the face of adversity and rejection – it's a key part of the job which makes it such an exciting challenge!