Principal Software Engineer - InfoSec

Northern Ireland - Belfast


Northern Ireland - Belfast


Product & Engineering

Principal Software Engineer: OCTO R&A

Job Overview:

The Research & Advocacy team, as part of the Office of the CTO, is committed to closing the security achievement gap by creating great teaming experiences for customers and making the most successful security technology and practices accessible for all. Our engineering team's overall goal is to build the world-class research platforms to produce security research that we ourselves would want to read and apply.

In this role, you will be responsible for inventing and sustaining Rapid7's research capabilities. This mission encompasses Project Sonar, Project Heisenberg, and Project Doppler. The first two are the twin pillars of our internet telemetry capability, and the last is a front-end, customer-accessible portal that presents data from those projects. More broadly, we expect to support and enhance the research capabilities of teams within and without the Office of the CTO, and are likely to tackle research engineering challenges involving cloud security, IoT/OT security, artificial intelligence, and general software vulnerability research.

You will be responsible for executing on a strategy for software engineering in support of the aforementioned research areas in a "player-coach" capacity — you will be both a solid technical contributor to the research engineering mission as well as a capable project manager.

Distributed Team:

This is a remote position. The team normally works remotely (even in non-pandemic times) and is located primarily in the US (mostly Eastern, and some Central and Pacific), as well as the UK and Germany. When things get back to normal, expect occasional productive visits to the Belfast, NI office as well as company offices in Boston, MA and Austin, TX. Otherwise, Slack and Zoom are our way of life.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Build, maintain, and enhance internet telemetry platforms for the consumption of internal research partners

  • Invent and implement new capabilities in support of IoT, AI, cloud, and vulnerability research in partnership with Rapid7's broader research community of contributors.

  • Lead an agile team of security research engineers, the relationship between research engineering and internal customers, and occasionally partner with external organizations (both private enterprise and public/government).

  • Be and become reasonably conversant in the technologies that we use in Rapid7's existing research portfolio: Amazon Web Services (Glue, Athena, EMR/Spark), Ruby, Python, R, Node.js, Golang, Docker, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes, React, Django REST Framework, and Apache Airflow.

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Advanced experience with the various cloud-based technologies mentioned above, especially AWS and K8s.

  • Strong programming skills in Ruby, Python, R, or Golang

  • Solid understanding of the general cybersecurity landscape

  • Proficiency in common software development and software engineering practices

  • Some experience in people management with a focus on technical learning and growth

  • Relevant professional certifications and degrees are great, but absolutely not required