Senior Devops Engineer

US - VA - Arlington


US - VA - Arlington


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Senior DevOps Engineer

At Rapid7, you'll join a world class team of thinkers and problem solvers building a modern security platform to help customers easily manage and reduce risk. We prioritize individual growth and team collaboration over ego and attitude, while building products that solve the world's toughest security challenges. We're seeking a highly motivated technical leader to help ensure our platform is secure, reliable and available for thousands of customers that rely on it every day.

You'll work closely with our engineers and customers to help establish, build, and maintain standards and best-practices for operationalizing the InsightCloudSec (DivvyCloud) platform, running inside the AWS cloud. You'll partner deeply with a local team of engineers, product managers, and more to understand priorities, maintain infrastructure, and mentor and train those around you with the help of your years of experience and desire to help others.

What you'll do

As a Sr. Production Engineer embedding with the “production services” team, you'll be responsible for deploying and maintaining internal, customer-facing, and customer owned AWS infrastructure: Applying best practices, helping to build up and improve system health visibility, keeping on top of updates and security issues with critical infrastructure components, and working with other operations team members inside the company to ensure our platform-wide kubernetes investment remains consistent across a globally distributed set of teams and services. We see kubernetes as the future of how we'll deploy our software, and are looking for experienced folks with a passion for getting their hands dirty to help us cultivate our strategy.

Successful candidates aren't just good at writing yaml or running terraform, but have a demonstrated focus on solving customer problems. You should love being challenged by your work, with a desire to ship and iterate on infrastructure, as well as an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and growth. Specifically for a lead role, you should be looking to demonstrate your value in the work you enable others to achieve, and not just your own output. Our product teams (Dev, UX, Product, Support, Sales) work together closely to ensure the success of our product, and we're looking for someone who revels in exposure to the entire process of how software is built, shipped, sold, and supported. You should enjoy learning from those around you as much as you enjoy teaching others about what you've learned.

As a Sr. Production Engineer, you'll join the product engineers on an on-call rotation - our engineers don't just throw problems over the wall, they're on the front lines helping to diagnose and debug issues alongside our infrastructure folks.

Our Platform

You'll work directly with, but not limited to, the following technologies:

  • AWS (EC2, IAM, S3, VPCs, RDS, ElastiCache, ECS, EKS)

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Terraform

  • Jenkins

You need to be…

  • Experienced and confident with Linux based operating systems and tooling.

  • Experienced and confident in your ability to produce, manage, maintain, and evolve existing container-based deployments in AWS.

  • Someone with an extreme focus on communication and collaboration as first-class tools in your arsenal to get things done.

  • Focused on shipping solutions to problems, not just containers.

  • Comfortable leading projects holistically - managing the technical details, organizing and planning infrastructural work, and helping others understand the priorities and needs of that work.

  • Experienced working with Engineers to prioritize and collaborate between their need to ship, and your need to maintain the ship.

  • Able to navigate the tradeoffs of prioritizing new feature work vs eliminating technical risk/debt when communicating with Product and other Engineers.

  • Someone with a "grab a shovel" attitude, where you're excited to dig in and get your hands dirty working with your peers.

  • Willing to learn, and willing to teach. Everyone brings something new to the team, and we want to learn from you as much as we want to grow you as an engineer and a team member.

It would be great if you...

  • Have experience with non-AWS clouds

  • Have experience with MySQL

  • Have experience with Python