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Hey Coach! 

You cherish the feeling, don't you…? 

When one of your squad is amped to achieve that huge audacious goal. The one they tried to tell you was wayyyy beyond their reach mere months ago. What about when your top performer flies the nest to take on their first quota carrying role - and finishes the year in Presidents Club. Despite hitting the big time, they still reach out to recount old tales over coffee. How about the occasion your organization announced it's 10,000th customer alongside 38% year on year growth, and you were able to pinpoint exactly how much of a significant impact your team made towards those incredible milestones.

If you are energized to experience moments like these more often, consider taking the reins of our Business Development team across Asia-Pacific and Japan. 

Our team exists to serve our prospects, our people, and our pipeline.

We are the first human voice representing Rapid7 to prospects looking for solutions to their security challenges... and first impressions count. It's a steep learning curve for the mostly fresh talent you'll hire into their first role in our industry. Within months they will be confidently consulting prospects and customers on their cybersecurity needs.

Thanks to our incredible Marketing team, prospective customers are fed to us through a myriad of inbound sources, including our website, face-to-face events, or 3rd party content syndication. We also have an elite team of outbound-first prospectors, who you'll guide in their quest to break into high value strategic accounts. You'll equip your team with the tools, training and techniques to rapidly screen, prioritize and prospect the Marketing Qualified Leads which land in their queues. Encouraging and coaching reps towards reaching potential customers with concise, targeted messaging delivered primarily over the telephone. However we also utilize a suite of sales acceleration tools which support a modern ‘digital sales' approach.

The outcome of our collective efforts will be to exceed the pipeline goals set, whilst demonstrating a firm grasp of the business and its drivers. This will be relevant both in the context of the overarching global strategy and operational framework, with just the right balance of localization to meet the unique needs of each APJ market. 


This role demands fluency in CRM, and other common business productivity tools. You must rapidly master your digital domain in order to design, document, educate and evolve best practices for our programme. You will also find that knowledge critical as you dig deep to identify trends, proactively surface issues, and collaborate to take action.

As a manager your voice will be heard at the executive level and you'll maintain a strong relationship with a diverse network of stakeholders. As part of these discussions you will own the narrative of how our efforts align to the wider goals of the business; broken out by geography, segment, vertical or product set. A cornerstone of this communication is the maintenance of an opportunity forecast at the rep level. Ability to deliver accurately to this weekly forecast - or else share well researched reasoning for anomalies - will inspire confidence in your stakeholders and sponsors. 

The talent war intensifies. You'll need the hunger and creativity to proactively hunt for new recruits in partnership with our internal Talent Acquisition team. You will take the lead in onboarding your new padawans, but with a faculty of subject matter experts to call upon and assist. To quote Trish Bertuzzi; you will be “the coach, the warden, and therapist” for your team as they progress through their journey to commercial enlightenment. Verbal and written feedback, development plans, and practical drills will be the critical tools you employ to support them along the way. As a growing team of ten, you will need to share leadership through delegation… Helping to develop the next generation of leaders from within our very own team.

Experience required:

  • Background in leading remote, international business development teams; specific experience must include coverage of ANZ, Japan, South-East Asia, and Indian markets and must have a passion for diversity of cultures.

  • Previous experience with managing a Business Development team, working in both an inbound and outbound capacity. 

  • You will have a track record of working towards and exceeding a 7-figure pipeline quota.

  • Ability to hire, onboard and develop individuals before they successfully moved up into more senior roles.

  • A creative, high-energy approach that makes the APAC Business Development team a fun and motivating place to collaborate, compete, and drive impact.

  • Experience in developing incentive programs.

  • Strong English writing skills to craft campaign communications for the team. 

  • Someone who can lead by example when picking up the phone to provide real-time training and mentoring.

  • You will be a patient and supportive coach, employing a range of techniques tailored to the individual, circumstances, and goal.

  • Creating impact together is a cornerstone of our culture, so you will be a prolific networker, connecting to add value in relationships across functions, borders and timezones. This will take flexibility and commitment given so many stakeholders will be in the US & Europe - including your direct leadership.

  • A passionate advocate of both cybersecurity and public cloud; well versed in a breadth of technical and commercial topics within our industry.

  • Can provide examples of successful projects with the channel, helping to develop new business pipeline in partnership with distributors and resellers.

  • Clear evidence of a ‘Never Done' attitude towards Personal Development - particularly in the fields of Cybersecurity and Leadership.

  • Someone who embodies a healthy work-life balance and sets an example through positive community contributions. Bring examples of your hobbies, passions and projects outside of work