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Why launch your career at Rapid7? 

At Rapid7, you are encouraged to bring your authentic self, curiosity and fresh perspectives to challenge conventional ways of thinking. Together, we can make an impact to close the security achievement gap and provide unmatched experiences to our customers.

Our early career talent is what sets us aside from the competition - they bring fresh new ideas, unique problem solving skills and a team oriented mindset to Rapid7.

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We recruit throughout the academic year, depending on the role. Keep an eye on your school’s career portal for our job openings or click below to see what we have open currently!

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4 Key Attributes of Rapid7 Moose


We are accountable. When we take responsibility for moving things forward, we all benefit. We affect our surroundings and take the opportunity to shape the world.


We don't always know the answers, but we are compelled to find them. We do not hunt for recognition. We act in a way that ensures that recognition finds us.

Culture Fit

Our culture is our core values which we believe in, and live everyday. We are intelligent, inquisitive, disruptive, and collaborative.

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We recognize our strengths. We challenge ourselves to stay relevant in a changing world. And we maintain the skills needed to lead the pack from the front.


Rotation Program:

  • Just graduated and looking to kickstart your career, but not sure where to start? Rapid7’s Rotation Program provides an 18-month experience in a particular field of interest, depending on your skill set. You will have the opportunity to work in different roles to determine what focus is the best fit for you. Throughout the program you will develop leadership and problem solving skills, functional expertise, and a unique breadth of knowledge that will allow you to make a tremendous impact on the work we do for our customers. Which is the right track for you?  

  • BUILD: The Build Track is our Software Engineering Track. As part of this track, participants are exposed to product development at Rapid7, including a variety of coding languages and software. At the end of the 18 months, you can expect to have the skills of a professional software engineer and add value to our engineering teams in a unique way. 

  • GROW: The Grow Track provides participants exposure to our go-to-customer organization. Our customers are the core of our business, and it’s important that we understand and ultimately meet their needs. As part of the Grow track, you can expect to see the entire customer experience journey from beginning to end. With this experience, you’ll be able to make an impact both externally and internally. 

  • RUN: Just like it sounds, the Run track includes teams that make the Rapid7 engine run. As part of the Run track, you will get exposure to how Finance, People Strategy and Workplace Experience teams work together to make Rapid7 successful. 

Business Development Program:

  • Every successful organization has a great salesforce. The Business Development Representative (BDR for short) Program is a huge source of talent for our sales organization. Some of our most successful salespeople come from the BDR Program. So, what is it? The BDR Program at Rapid7 is an entry level program that aims to provide early careerists the opportunity to kick start their career and grow their selling skills. As part of the program you will develop the skills to uncover opportunities with prospects & customers and maximize opportunity from inbound marketing leads. If you’re a self-starter, team player, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, Rapid7’s BDR Program is the place for you.

Internships and Co-Ops:

  • Impact more than just your career - intern at Rapid7! As an intern at Rapid7, you will be exposed to a wide variety of projects, have the opportunity to network with our leaders, and learn from those who have come before you. In addition to the projects you’ll work on, we want to make sure you gain skills in areas that will help pave the way to your future career. We encourage you to bring your ideas to the table, challenge the ways we are doing things, and ultimately be able to apply your education to real-world projects. We can’t wait for you to hit the ground running!

Want the Inside Scoop from some of our own?

Bonnie Ngai.jpg
Bonnie Ngai
US Events Intern

"From the first day I started interning at Rapid7 until now, I’ve learned so much about planning and executing different scale events by both observing and doing.”

Alexander Jordan.jpeg
Alexander Jordan
Sales Development Representative

"From my first onsite interview, it was clear that everyone on the Rapid7 Business Development team valued a strong team dynamic and all wanted to work together. This was something that aligned with my values and expectations for my next opportunity and company." 

Mounir Elhout.jpeg
Mounir Elhout
RUN 2019 Rotato Class

"I’m currently a mentor for BUILD Boston, which uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities. I’ve been going to Charlestown High School twice a month and mentoring students on creating their own small businesses. It’s rewarding to see the kids ideas at the start of the year come to fruition and create a tangible product they can now sell."

Alexa Stein.jpeg
Alexa Stein
BUILD 2019 Rotato Class

"I am someone who wants to be a part of a fast paced environment, which I knew I would find at Rapid7. I also knew that I was going to be continuously learning and challenged during the Rotation Program. The company culture here is also amazing; they have really invested in employees ensuring a great experience (in-person and remote), they want us to enjoy coming to work, and the managers are very open and understanding." 

TJ Faherty.jpeg
TJ Flaherty
GROW 2019 Rotato Class

"Getting to know the other Program participants is easily my favorite part of the Program. At work, it has been awesome to have so many people learning and collaborating together on a regular basis. Outside of work, we have had birthday celebrations, happy hours, and a few of us even joined a local basketball league together. We are like a family, both in and out of the office."

Erin McAnearney.jpeg
Erin McAnearney
2016 Rapid7 Placement Programme

“I was constantly learning new languages, technologies and concepts throughout my placement, and I cannot begin to describe how much this has helped me as a person and as an engineer.”

"At Rapid7, we believe that by hiring a team with a strong diversity of mindset, different levels of experience, and varying backgrounds, we can #ChallengeConvention as (#OneMoose), push the boundaries of our thinking, and pursue our goals of continuous innovation to achieve secure advancement for all.