COVID-19 Customer Resources

We’ve built the following programs and resources to help you advance with a more secure environment.

You’ve heard it all—from “uncertain times,” to “the new normal.” For us, it epitomizes our mission: to help you stay secure by confidently adapting to changing conditions. Providing visibility, taking decisive actions, and reducing risk across your entire environment to help you move forward securely—that’s what keeps us going.

To help you navigate this time, we’re offering assistance programs to help you:

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are on the frontlines–protecting and taking care of our communities. Learn more about our no-cost programs and services designed to help you securely advance during these challenging times.

Let Us Help

No-Cost Assistance Programs

We believe you should have better visibility, actionable expert guidance, and confidence in your security—at no additional cost.

Explore our programs below and don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Get More Product Coverage

Current customers can take advantage of the following no-cost expansions to existing deployments.*
If you’re a Nexpose customer, you can upgrade to access unlimited endpoint coverage.


Increase your endpoint coverage to access remote employee devices to get a full view of your environment.


Increase your endpoint coverage so you can monitor your full environment–including remote employee devices.


Get unlimited apps and scans to dynamically test all of your applications and get visibility into their vulnerabilities.

Get More Coverage

*Offers apply to existing product subscriptions and are limited to existing InsightVM, InsightIDR, and InsightAppSec customers as of April 1, 2020. Unlimited expansion period will be offered for 90 days after opt-in. Requests for expansion are subject to approval by Rapid7.

Upgrade Nexpose to Increase Visibility

Access cloud features, deploy agents, and automate your workflows to get more coverage and visibility into your environment. Migrate to InsightVM today—for free.

Expanded coverage

Get unlimited endpoints to increase your asset coverage and assess remote employee devices.

Endpoint visibility

Deploy agents to remote endpoints to collect, centralize, and monitor data from remote assets on the Insight Platform.

Cloud Configuration Assessment

Collect configuration data from your IaaS resources and assess for policy compliance to get visibility on the strength of your cloud infrastructure.

Increase my visibility

Get an Express Security Health Check

Optimizing your deployment is critical to protecting the security and reliability of your assets. Let our security experts evaluate your deployment and usage, so you can get the most out of your Rapid7 products.

Review implementation and architecture

Review your implementation and ensure that you’ve got all of the recommended updates and systems in place to maximize value.

Customize reports and dashboards

Build specialized views of your network traffic and data streams to gain deeper insight into your environment and identify trends over time. Share your findings with anyone–from your system admin to your CISO.

Assess your Insight Agent usage

Ensure the agents are providing you with the critical, real-time visibility you need across all your assets and users–particularly for your remote workforce.

Request Security Health Check

Talk to an Expert

There are a lot of things on your mind right now. Whether it’s remote vulnerability scanning or reviewing business continuity plans, you need help optimizing and prioritizing them. Connect with our consulting team during their office hours to discuss the topics that are top of your mind.

Get product enablement

Learn more about your products and their capabilities from our experts. They’ll share best practices to increase productivity and improve efficacy.

Discuss virtual incident response tactics

Perform a tabletop exercise to learn how your team will respond to breaches while working remotely.

Review your product configuration

You don’t have a lot of time. We can help optimize your product configurations and identify areas for improvement.

Review cyber business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Evaluate how well your organization has planned and prepared for cyber incidents. Are the right communication channels in place? What are your plans for resuming operations?

Schedule Time Now

Save Time with SOAR

Accomplish more, at a faster pace, and with greater accuracy. Our security orchestration and automation solution, InsightConnect, helps you accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes--no code necessary.

Free 30-Day InsightConnect trial

Discover how SOAR can increase efficiency, accelerate decision-making, and foster collaboration.

Phishing toolkit

Instantly tackle phishing attacks by automating tasks—all within your Slack or Microsoft Teams instance. No other Insight products needed.

Vulnerability and remediation toolkit

Research vulnerabilities, find associated exploits, create solution-based tickets, manage your patching tools, and handle exceptions without leaving the comfort of your chat window.

Accelerate My Security

Financial Assistance Program

Right now, your security posture is more important than ever. If you need financial flexibility or additional support for your security programs, we can help.

Email to explore options with your customer success manager.

Content Library

Discover tips, tricks, and guidance to help you secure and support your remote workforces.

Featured Content

Best Practices for Securing Virtual Workforces

Our in-house experts share their tips, tricks, and recommendations for supporting and securing remote environments.

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best practices for securing virtual workforces

Learn from our experts and stay updated

Our experts are eager to help you manage — and we’re putting their tips, tricks, and guidance into blogs and other assets for you. Stay tuned here as we’ll continue to add more along the way.

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