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The Rapid7 Exploit Database is an archive of Metasploit modules for publicly known exploits, 0days, remote exploits, shellcode, and more for researches and penetration testers to review. 3,000 plus modules are all available with relevant links to other technical documentation and source code. All of the modules included in the Exploit Database are also included in the Metasploit framework and utilized by our penetration testing tool, Metasploit Pro.

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HTTP SickRage Password Leak Exploit

Disclosed: March 08, 2018

SickRage < v2018-09-03 allows an attacker to view a user's saved Github credentials in HTTP responses unless the user has set login information for SickRage. By default, SickRage does not require login information for the installation.

ManageEngine Applications Manager Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: March 07, 2018

This module exploits command injection vulnerability in the ManageEngine Application Manager product. An unauthenticated user can execute a operating system command under the context of privileged user. Publicly accessible testCredential.do endpoint takes multiple user inputs and validates supplied credentials by accessi...

ClipBucket beats_uploader Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Upload Exploit

Disclosed: March 03, 2018

This module exploits a vulnerability found in ClipBucket versions before 4.0.0 (Release 4902). A malicious file can be uploaded using an unauthenticated arbitrary file upload vulnerability. It is possible for an attacker to upload a malicious script to issue operating system commands. This issue is caused by improper sess...

Memcached Stats Amplification Scanner Exploit

Disclosed: February 27, 2018

This module can be used to discover Memcached servers which expose the unrestricted UDP port 11211. A basic "stats" request is executed to check if an amplification attack is possible against a third party.

Eclipse Equinoxe OSGi Console Command Execution Exploit

Disclosed: February 13, 2018

Exploit Eclipse Equinoxe OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) console 'fork' command to execute arbitrary commands on the remote system..

Nanopool Claymore Dual Miner APIs RCE Exploit

Disclosed: February 09, 2018

This module takes advantage of miner remote manager APIs to exploit an RCE vulnerability.

Exodus Wallet (ElectronJS Framework) remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: January 25, 2018

This module exploits a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Exodus Wallet, a vulnerability in the ElectronJS Framework protocol handler can be used to get arbitrary command execution if the user clicks on a specially crafted URL.

AsusWRT LAN Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: January 22, 2018

The HTTP server in AsusWRT has a flaw where it allows an unauthenticated client to perform a POST in certain cases. This can be combined with another vulnerability in the VPN configuration upload routine that sets NVRAM configuration variables directly from the POST request to enable a special command mode. This command m...

CloudMe Sync v1.10.9 Exploit

Disclosed: January 17, 2018

This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in CloudMe Sync v1.10.9 client application. This module has been tested successfully on Windows 7 SP1 x86.

glibc 'realpath()' Privilege Escalation Exploit

Disclosed: January 16, 2018

This module attempts to gain root privileges on Linux systems by abusing a vulnerability in GNU C Library (glibc) version 2.26 and prior. This module uses halfdog's RationalLove exploit to exploit a buffer underflow in glibc realpath() and create a SUID root shell. The exploit has offsets for glibc versions 2.23-...