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SUSE: CVE-2018-3287: SUSE Linux Security Advisory Vulnerability

  • Severity: 4
  • Published: October 16, 2018

Vulnerability in the Oracle VM VirtualBox component of Oracle Virtualization (subcomponent: Core). The supported version that is affected is Prior to 5.2.20. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with logon to the infrastructure where Oracle VM VirtualBox executes to compromise Oracle VM VirtualBox. Successful ...

SUSE: CVE-2018-10915: SUSE Linux Security Advisory Vulnerability

  • Severity: 6
  • Published: August 09, 2018

A vulnerability was found in libpq, the default PostgreSQL client library where libpq failed to properly reset its internal state between connections. If an affected version of libpq was used with "host" or "hostaddr" connection parameters from untrusted input, attackers could bypass client-side connection security features, obtain acces...

SUSE: CVE-2017-16939: SUSE Linux Security Advisory Vulnerability

  • Severity: 7
  • Published: November 24, 2017

The XFRM dump policy implementation in net/xfrm/xfrm_user.c in the Linux kernel before 4.13.11 allows local users to gain privileges or cause a denial of service (use-after-free) via a crafted SO_RCVBUF setsockopt system call in conjunction with XFRM_MSG_GETPOLICY Netlink messages.