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Microsoft IIS 4.0 IISADMPWD Proxied Password Attack

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Microsoft IIS 4.0 IISADMPWD Proxied Password Attack



Microsoft IIS is a popular web server package for Windows NT based platforms. Version 4.0 of IIS installs a remotely accessible directory, /IISADMPWD - mapped to c:\winnt\system32\inetsrv\iisadmpwd, which contains a number of vulnerable .HTR files.

These were designed to allow system administrators the ability to provide HTTP based password change services to network users. The affected files, achg.htr, aexp*.htr, and anot*.htr can be used in this manner. A Microsoft bulletin on the feature recommends using /IISADMPWD/aexp.htr for this purpose. Requesting one of the listed .htr files returns a form that requests the account name, current password, and changed password.

This can be used to determine whether or not the account requested exists on the host, as well as conduct brute force attacks. If the account does not exist, the message "invalid domain" is returned - if it does, but the password change was unsuccessful, the attacker is notified.

This be used against the server and against other machines connected to the local network (and possibly even other machines on the internet), by preceding the account name with an IP address and a backslash (e.g., XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX\ACCOUNT). The server contacts the networked machine through the NetBIOS session port and attempts to change the password.


  • http-iis-0010

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