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Writeable SNMP default or guessable community names: snmpd

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Writeable SNMP default or guessable community names: snmpd



The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a commonly used network service. Its primary function is to provide network administrators with information about all kinds of network connected devices. SNMP can be used to get and change system settings on a wide variety of devices, from network servers, to routers and printers. The drawback to this service is the authentication is an unencrypted "community string". In addition many SNMP servers provide very simple default community strings.

The community string "snmpd" was found to have write access to the SNMP server. This is a very serious condition and should be fixed as soon as possible. Attackers with write access to an SNMP server can possibly execute arbitrary commands with root level privilege. Attackers can shutdown machines, stop, start, or change the priority of tasks, and gain valuable information.

The community string "snmpd" may also imply a more serious vulnerability on HP OpenView SNMP servers. This may be a hidden community string. This community allows unauthorized access to certain SNMP variables. Attackers can use this community to discover network topology and modify MIB variables. HP OpenView Version 5.02 is vulnerable. Earlier versions are thought to be vulnerable as well. HP-UX 9.X and HP-UX 10.X SNMP agents are vulnerable if OpenView is installed. OpenView for Solaris 2.X is also vulnerable. OpenView for Windows NT is not vulnerable.


  • snmp-write-0018

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