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HP-UX: CVE-2010-3564: Running Java, Remote Execution of Arbitrary Code, Disclosure of Information, and Other Vulnerabilities.

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HP-UX: CVE-2010-3564: Running Java, Remote Execution of Arbitrary Code, Disclosure of Information, and Other Vulnerabilities.



Unspecified vulnerability in the Oracle Communications Messaging Server (Sun Java System Messaging Server) component in Oracle Sun Products Suite 7.0 allows remote attackers to affect confidentiality and integrity via unknown vectors related to Webmail. NOTE: the previous information was obtained from the October 2010 CPU. Oracle has not commented on claims from a reliable downstream vendor that the Kerberos implementation does not properly check AP-REQ requests, which allows attackers to cause a denial of service in the JVM. NOTE: CVE has not investigated the apparent discrepancy between the two vendors regarding the consequences of this issue.


  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-com
  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-pa11
  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-pa20
  • hpux-update-jdk14-jdk14-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-com
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-pa20
  • hpux-update-jdk15-jdk15-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-com
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-pa20
  • hpux-update-jdk60-jdk60-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-com
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-ipf64-hs
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa11
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa11-hs
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa20
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa20-hs
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre14-jre14-pa20w-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-com
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-ipf64-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20-hs
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre15-jre15-pa20w-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-com
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf32
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf32-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf64
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-ipf64-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20-hs
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20w
  • hpux-update-jre60-jre60-pa20w-hs

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