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Microsoft ASP.Net DOS device denial of service

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Microsoft ASP.Net DOS device denial of service



Microsoft IIS version 6.0 contains a flaw which may allow an attacker to cause a denial of service condition (service hang) or read arbitrary physical device streams (COM, LPT) by specifying a DOS device name in a GET request whose URI contains a '/' character immediately before and after the name of a DOS device.

According to Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). "Non vulnerability in II 6.0/ASP.NET. Microsoft has completed the investigation into the public proof of concept code that claims to demonstrate a vulnerability in IIS 6.0. Our investigation has found that the claims are incorrect and that the proof of concept code does not take advantage of a vulnerability in IIS 6.0. Additionally, the code in question incorrectly claims to use IIS 6.0. Our investigation has shown the code in question actually uses ASP.NET. Our investigation has shown that the code has no impact against systems running ASP.NET 2.0. Systems running ASP.NET 1.1 may experience a temporary disruption when receiving a large volume of concurrent requests containing this code. However, as soon as the requests are no longer submitted, the system returns to normal operation.


  • no-patch-ms-iis-msdos-device-dos
  • isapi-filter-ms-iis-msdos-device-dos

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