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CESA-2007:0229: gdb security and bug fix update

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CESA-2007:0229: gdb security and bug fix update



An updated gdb package that fixes a security issue and various bugs is now available. This update has been rated as having low security impact by the CentOS Security Response Team.

GDB, the GNU debugger, allows debugging of programs written in C, C++, and other languages by executing them in a controlled fashion and then printing their data. Various buffer overflows and underflows were found in the DWARF expression computation stack in GDB. If a user loaded an executable containing malicious debugging information into GDB, an attacker might be able to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user. (CVE-2006-4146) This updated package also addresses the following issues: * Fixed bogus 0x0 unwind of the thread's topmost function clone(3). * Fixed deadlock accessing invalid address; for corrupted backtraces. * Fixed a race which occasionally left the detached processes stopped. * Fixed 'gcore' command for 32bit debugged processes on 64bit hosts. * Added support for TLS 'errno' for threaded programs missing its '-debuginfo' package.. * Suggest TLS 'errno' resolving by hand if no threading was found.. * Added a fix to prevent stepping into asynchronously invoked signal handlers. * Added a fix to avoid false warning on shared objects bfd close on Itanium. * Fixed segmentation fault on the source display by ^X 1. * Fixed object names keyboard completion. * Added a fix to avoid crash of 'info threads' if stale threads exist. * Fixed a bug where shared libraries occasionally failed to load . * Fixed handling of exec() called by a threaded debugged program. * Fixed rebuilding requirements of the gdb package itself on multilib systems. * Fixed source directory pathname detection for the edit command. All users of gdb should upgrade to this updated package, which contains backported patches to resolve these issues.


  • centos-upgrade-gdb

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