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RHSA-2003:035: Updated PAM packages fix bug in pam_xauth module

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RHSA-2003:035: Updated PAM packages fix bug in pam_xauth module



Updated PAM packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0. These packages correct a bug in pam_xauth's handling of authorization data for the root user. [Updated 16 April 2003] Added packages for Red Hat Linux on IBM iSeries and pSeries systems.

The pam_xauth module is used to forward xauth information from user to user in applications such as 'su'. Andreas Beck discovered that versions of pam_xauth supplied with Red Hat Linux since version 7.1 would forward authorization information from the root account to unprivileged users. This could be used by a local attacker to gain access to an administrator's X session. In order to exploit this vulnerability, the attacker would have to get the administrator, as root, to use su to the account belonging to the attacker. Users of pam_xauth are advised to upgrade to these errata packages, which contain a patch that adds ACL (access control list) functionality to pam_xauth and disallows root forwarding by default. Versions of pam_xauth included in Red Hat Linux 7 and earlier disabled passing of credentials from the root account to unprivileged users by default and are not affected by this issue. Thanks to Andreas Beck for reporting this issue.


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