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RHSA-2003:036: Updated mgetty packages available

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RHSA-2003:036: Updated mgetty packages available



Updated mgetty packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0. These updates close a possible buffer overflow and a permissions problem present in versions of mgetty prior to version 1.1.29. [Updated 16 April 2003] Added packages for Red Hat Linux on IBM iSeries and pSeries systems.

mgetty is a getty replacement for use with data and fax modems. mgetty can be configured to run an external program to decide whether or not to answer an incoming call based on Caller ID information. Unpatched versions of mgetty prior to 1.1.29 would overflow an internal buffer if the caller name reported by the modem was too long. Additionally, the faxspool script supplied with versions of mgetty prior to 1.1.29 used a simple permissions scheme to allow or deny fax transmission privileges. This scheme was easily circumvented because the spooling directory used for outgoing faxes was world-writable. All users of mgetty should upgrade to these errata packages, which contain mgetty 1.1.30 and are not vulnerable to these issues.


  • redhat-upgrade-mgetty
  • redhat-upgrade-mgetty-sendfax
  • redhat-upgrade-mgetty-viewfax
  • redhat-upgrade-mgetty-voice

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