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RHSA-2003:053: Updated vte packages fix gnome-terminal vulnerability

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RHSA-2003:053: Updated vte packages fix gnome-terminal vulnerability



Updated vte packages that fix a vulnerability in gnome-terminal are available for Red Hat Linux 8.0.

VTE is an terminal emulator widget used by software such as gnome-terminal. One feature that most terminal emulators support is the ability for the shell to set the title of the window using an escape sequence. Certain xterm variants also provide an escape sequence for reporting the current window title. This essentially takes the current title and places it directly on the command line. This feature could be potentially exploited if an attacker can cause carefully crafted escape sequences to be displayed on a vulnerable terminal emulator used by their victim. Since it is not possible to embed a carriage return into the window title itself, the attacker would have to convince the victim to hit enter for it to process the title as a command, although the attacker can perform a number of actions to increase the likelyhood of this happening. VTE is vulnerable to this issue and is used as the default terminal emulator for versions of gnome-terminal shipped with Red Hat Linux 8.0. Previous releases of Red Hat Linux do not contain a vulnerable version of gnome-terminal. Users of gnome-terminal on Red Hat Linux 8.0 are advised to upgrade to these errata packages, which contain a patch to disable the title reporting functionality. Red Hat would like to thank H D Moore for bringing these issues to our attention. Please note; because this update contains a fixed shared library used by gnome-terminal, the vulnerable code will continue to be in use as long as any gnome-terminal session remains active. The easiest way to ensure that the vulnerable code is no longer in use is to log out of your window manager. Alternatively all running gnome-terminal sessions can be closed.


  • redhat-upgrade-vte
  • redhat-upgrade-vte-devel

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