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RHSA-2009:0411: device-mapper-multipath security update

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RHSA-2009:0411: device-mapper-multipath security update



The device-mapper multipath packages provide tools to manage multipathdevices by issuing instructions to the device-mapper multipath kernelmodule, and by managing the creation and removal of partitions fordevice-mapper devices.It was discovered that the multipathd daemon set incorrect permissions onthe socket used to communicate with command line clients. An unprivileged,local user could use this flaw to send commands to multipathd, resulting inaccess disruptions to storage devices accessible via multiple paths and,possibly, file system corruption on these devices. (CVE-2009-0115)Users of device-mapper-multipath are advised to upgrade to these updatedpackages, which contain a backported patch to resolve this issue. Themultipathd service must be restarted for the changes to take effect.Important: the version of the multipathd daemon in Red Hat Enterprise Linux5 has a known issue which may cause a machine to become unresponsive whenthe multipathd service is stopped. This issue is tracked in the Bugzillabug #494582; a link is provided in the References section of this erratum.Until this issue is resolved, we recommend restarting the multipathdservice by issuing the following commands in sequence: # killall -KILL multipathd # service multipathd restart


  • redhat-upgrade-device-mapper-multipath
  • redhat-upgrade-kpartx

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