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RHSA-2011:0862: subversion security update

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RHSA-2011:0862: subversion security update



Subversion (SVN) is a concurrent version control system which enables oneor more users to collaborate in developing and maintaining a hierarchy offiles and directories while keeping a history of all changes. Themod_dav_svn module is used with the Apache HTTP Server to allow access toSubversion repositories via HTTP.An infinite loop flaw was found in the way the mod_dav_svn module processedcertain data sets. If the SVNPathAuthz directive was set to"short_circuit", and path-based access control for files and directorieswas enabled, a malicious, remote user could use this flaw to cause thehttpd process serving the request to consume an excessive amount of systemmemory. (CVE-2011-1783)A NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the way the mod_dav_svn moduleprocessed requests submitted against the URL of a baselined resource. Amalicious, remote user could use this flaw to cause the httpd processserving the request to crash. (CVE-2011-1752)An information disclosure flaw was found in the way the mod_dav_svnmodule processed certain URLs when path-based access control for files anddirectories was enabled. A malicious, remote user could possibly use thisflaw to access certain files in a repository that would otherwise not beaccessible to them. Note: This vulnerability cannot be triggered if theSVNPathAuthz directive is set to "short_circuit". (CVE-2011-1921)Red Hat would like to thank the Apache Subversion project for reportingthese issues. Upstream acknowledges Joe Schaefer of the Apache SoftwareFoundation as the original reporter of CVE-2011-1752; Ivan Zhakov ofVisualSVN as the original reporter of CVE-2011-1783; and KameshJayachandran of CollabNet, Inc. as the original reporter of CVE-2011-1921.All Subversion users should upgrade to these updated packages, whichcontain backported patches to correct these issues. After installing theupdated packages, you must restart the httpd daemon, if you are usingmod_dav_svn, for the update to take effect.


  • redhat-upgrade-mod_dav_svn
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-debuginfo
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-gnome
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-javahl
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-kde
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-perl
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-ruby
  • redhat-upgrade-subversion-svn2cl

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