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RHSA-2012:0349: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 - Transition to Extended Life Phase Notice

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RHSA-2012:0349: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 - Transition to Extended Life Phase Notice



On March 01, 2012, all Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4-based products listedbelow transition from the Production Phase to the Extended Life Phase:Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 4Red Hat Desktop 4Red Hat Global File System 4Red Hat Cluster Suite 4Red Hat offers support and services for each major release of Red HatEnterprise Linux throughout four phases – Production 1, 2, and 3, andExtended Life Phase. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, the Production Phasespans seven years, followed by a three-year Extended Life Phase. Together,these four phases constitute the "life cycle". The specific support andservices provided during each phase is described in detail at:http://redhat.com/rhel/lifecycleOn March 01, 2012, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 systems continue to besubscribed to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 channels on Red Hat Network(RHN), continue to require a Red Hat Enterprise Linux entitlement, andcontinue to have access to:Please also note that new bug fix, security, or product enhancementsadvisories (RHBAs, RHSAs, and RHEAs) are no longer provided for the RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 Add-Ons after March 01.After March 01, you have several options. Your Red Hat subscription givesyou continuous access to all active versions of the Red Hat software inboth binary and source form, including all security updates and bug fixes.As Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 transitions out of the Production Phase, westrongly recommend that you take full advantage of your subscriptionservices and upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6, which containcompelling new features and enablement for modern hardware platforms andISV applications.If you must remain on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, we recommend that youadd the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) Add-Onsubscription to your current Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. TheELS Add-On complements your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription andprovides software maintenance services not otherwise available in theExtended Life Phase. Customers who purchase the ELS Add-On continue toreceive software maintenance (critical impact security and urgent prioritybug fixes) and technical support as provided in the Production 3 Phase.ELS is available for up to three years and requires that you have anexisting Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription with equivalentsubscription terms and support level.For more information on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux ELS Add-On, visit:http://www.redhat.com/products/enterprise-linux-add-ons/extended-lifecycle-support/


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