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RHSA-2013:0691: Red Hat Storage 2.0 security, bug fix, and enhancement update #4

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RHSA-2013:0691: Red Hat Storage 2.0 security, bug fix, and enhancement update #4



Red Hat Storage is a software only, scale-out storage solution thatprovides flexible and agile unstructured data storage for the enterprise.A flaw was found in the way the Swift component used Python pickle. Thiscould lead to arbitrary code execution. With this update, the JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) format is used. (CVE-2012-4406)Multiple insecure temporary file creation flaws were found in Red HatStorage. A local user on the Red Hat Storage server could use these flawsto cause arbitrary files to be overwritten as the root user via a symboliclink attack. (CVE-2012-5635)It was found that sanlock created "/var/run/sanlock/sanlock.pid" withworld-writable permissions. A local user could use this flaw to make thesanlock init script kill an arbitrary process when the sanlock daemon isstopped or restarted. Additionally, "/var/log/sanlock.log" was alsoworld-writable, allowing local users to modify the contents of the logfile, or store data within it (bypassing any quotas applied to theiraccount). (CVE-2012-5638)Red Hat would like to thank Sebastian Krahmer of the SUSE Security Team forreporting CVE-2012-4406. The CVE-2012-5635 issues were discovered by KurtSeifried of the Red Hat Security Response Team and Michael Scherer of theRed Hat Regional IT team, and CVE-2012-5638 was discovered by DavidTeigland of Red Hat.Bug fixes and enhancements:Refer to the Release Notes, available shortly from the link in theReferences section, for further information.


  • redhat-upgrade-glusterfs
  • redhat-upgrade-glusterfs-debuginfo
  • redhat-upgrade-glusterfs-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-glusterfs-fuse
  • redhat-upgrade-glusterfs-rdma

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