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RHSA-2014:1246: nss and nspr security, bug fix, and enhancement update

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RHSA-2014:1246: nss and nspr security, bug fix, and enhancement update



Network Security Services (NSS) is a set of libraries designed to supportthe cross-platform development of security-enabled client and serverapplications.A flaw was found in the way TLS False Start was implemented in NSS.An attacker could use this flaw to potentially return unencryptedinformation from the server. (CVE-2013-1740)A race condition was found in the way NSS implemented session tickethandling as specified by RFC 5077. An attacker could use this flaw to crashan application using NSS or, in rare cases, execute arbitrary code with theprivileges of the user running that application. (CVE-2014-1490)It was found that NSS accepted weak Diffie-Hellman Key exchange (DHKE)parameters. This could possibly lead to weak encryption being used incommunication between the client and the server. (CVE-2014-1491)An out-of-bounds write flaw was found in NSPR. A remote attacker couldpotentially use this flaw to crash an application using NSPR or, possibly,execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user running thatapplication. This NSPR flaw was not exposed to web content in any shippedversion of Firefox. (CVE-2014-1545)It was found that the implementation of Internationalizing Domain Names inApplications (IDNA) hostname matching in NSS did not follow the RFC 6125recommendations. This could lead to certain invalid certificates withinternational characters to be accepted as valid. (CVE-2014-1492)Red Hat would like to thank the Mozilla project for reporting theCVE-2014-1490, CVE-2014-1491, and CVE-2014-1545 issues. Upstreamacknowledges Brian Smith as the original reporter of CVE-2014-1490, AntoineDelignat-Lavaud and Karthikeyan Bhargavan as the original reporters ofCVE-2014-1491, and Abhishek Arya as the original reporter of CVE-2014-1545.The nss and nspr packages have been upgraded to upstream version 3.16.1 and4.10.6 respectively, which provide a number of bug fixes and enhancementsover the previous versions. (BZ#1110857, BZ#1110860)This update also fixes the following bugs:Users of nss and nspr are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,which correct these issues and add these enhancements.


  • redhat-upgrade-nss
  • redhat-upgrade-nss-debuginfo
  • redhat-upgrade-nss-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-nss-pkcs11-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-nss-tools

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