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SuSE 8.2 security update for mozilla

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SuSE 8.2 security update for mozilla



The system is missing one or more SuSE security patches. Security Update: This updates resolves several security bugs in the mozilla web browser. - CAN-2004-0718: modifying content in unrelated windows - CAN-2004-0722: integer overflow in the SOAPParameter object constructor - CAN-2004-0757: heap-based buffer overflow in the SendUidl of POP3 code - CAN-2004-0758: denial-of-service with malicious SSL certificates - CAN-2004-0759: read files via JavaScript - CAN-2004-0760: MIME code handles %00 incorrectly - CAN-2004-0761: spoofing of security lock icon - - CAN-2004-0762: manipulation of XPInstall Security dialog box - CAN-2004-0763: spoofing of SSL certificates by using redirects and JavaScript - CAN-2004-0764: hijacking the user interface via the "chrome" flag and XML User Interface Language (XUL) files - CAN-2004-0765: spoofing SSL certificates due to incorrecting comparsion of hostnames - CAN-2004-0902: Several heap based buffer overflows in Mozilla Browsers. - CAN-2004-0903: Stack-based buffer overflow in the writeGroup function in vcard handling. - CAN-2004-0904: Overflow in BMP bitmap decoding. - - CAN-2004-0905: Crossdomain scripting and possible code execution by javascript drag and drop. - CAN-2004-0906: XPI Installer sets insecure permissions, allowing local users to overwrite files of the user. - CAN-2004-0908: Allow untrusted javascript code to read and write to the clipbo ard. - CAN-2004-0909: Allow remote attackers to trick the user into performing dangerous operations by modifying security relevant dialog boxes.


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