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Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10_x86: ibmf, hermon patch

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Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10_x86: ibmf, hermon patch



From Sun Patch 148082-02

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

7003997 hermon should implement "inline" for better performance 7004550 problem with hermon 7025408 topspin SM handling in ibtl could delay event delivery 7032315 hermon driver should cache DMA handles 7033172 panic: "testof" exposed a bug in an error code path hermon_srq_alloc() 7035823 query returns incorrect port number after modify if QP is on port 2 7037323 assert panic: saa_portp->saa_pt_event_sub_arrive_mask == IBMF_SAA_PORT_EVENT _SUB_ALL_ARRIVE 7038585 hermon: rdsv3 performance throughput drops from after CR 7006122 7043115 hermon: "testof -v --verb_tests 0x10000000" on CX-2 shows MCG failures 7046230 IBTF cq_sched test uncovers a failure in hermon_cq_alloc 7050667 core dump found during RDMA test on IB-QDR card 7052084 "cfgadm -c unconfigure pcie*" of ConnectX-2 exposes hermon memory leaks 7055586 hermon hermon_umap_db_alloc memory leak on create_qp failure 7057128 hermon: memory leak in hermon_mr_common_reg in mrcommon_fail6 code 7061041 panic in IPoIB (race when cq_handler is being changed) 7069859 Solaris 10 HCA DR testing exposed vmem leak in hermon (from 148082-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 148060-01 into Solaris S10U11 update. (from 148060-01) 7032556 recovery from IB switch reboot is too slow, causing database shutdown and system reboot (from 147154-01) 7040457 hermon driver WARNINGs seen at boot


  • sunpatch-solaris-148082

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