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Compliance ist nicht gleich Sicherheit. Dennoch ist es wichtig, dass Sie wichtigen Außenstehenden Informationen über den Zustand Ihres Netzwerks vermitteln können. Zusätzlich zur automatischen Analyse Ihrer Daten auf Angriffsmuster und ungewöhnliches Benutzerverhalten können Sie all Ihre Daten durchsuchen, visualisieren und nach Bedarf Berichte erstellen.

Centralized information and event management

Whether it's firewall logs, DNS, authentications, or raw syslog, all of this data can be fed for search and visualization in InsightIDR. With our library of prebuilt cards and analytics, you can easily see your network at a glance and report to auditors with confidence.

User monitoring

The top attack behavior behind confirmed breaches continues to be the use of weak, stolen, and default credentials. The User Behavior Analytics included in InsightIDR makes it easy to identify suspicious logins, monitor remote workers, and find risky behavior across your organization.

File integrity monitoring

InsightIDR includes a modern file event tracking system to monitor changes to configurations, files, and file attributes across your IT infrastructure. You’ll know when users edit, move, or delete a critical file or folder, along with real-time metrics so you can catch issues before they escalate. Since InsightIDR has detections across the entire ATT&CK framework, you won’t just see when an attacker modifies critical files—you’ll be alerted to lateral movement, privilege escalations, and other malicious behaviors across your users, assets, and cloud services.

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