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Untersuchungs- und Reaktionszeit um das 20-Fache beschleunigen

Die Untersuchung von Vorfällen kann durch unzählige Benachrichtigungen mit Protokolldaten und Tabellen eine echte Herausforderung darstellen. InsightIDR zeigt mit jeder Benachrichtigung automatisch wichtiges Benutzer- und Komponentenverhalten sowie zugehörige Angriffsinformationen an. Wechseln Sie ganz einfach zwischen Timeline-Visualisierung, Protokollsuche, On-Demand-Endpunktabfrage und Benutzerprofilen, um Auswirkungen zu identifizieren und fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Visual timelines filled with notable behavior

Figuring out if an alert is malicious or benign isn't easy, so every bit of evidence matters. That's why InsightIDR tracks and analyzes notable behavior, so you get a clear picture of the sequence of events.

Search for a user, asset, IP address, and more

Sometimes, all you need is a quick answer. The powerful global search in InsightIDR helps you quickly zero-in on your users and assets, whether you're in the midst of an investigation or researching if a compliance regulation is being properly enforced.

Make your findings actionable

Your most valuable source of intelligence comes from your investigation findings. With InsightIDR, it's easy to create custom rules to power new use cases, as well as add and manage threat intelligence.

Integrate with your existing workflows

JIRA and ServiceNow integrations make it easy to bring IT into the loop. Case management features, such as assignments and notes, help your team focus and collaborate.

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