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Vulnerability assessment is a core part of any security consultant or penetration tester’s playbook, and is usually the best way to get an initial idea of how open a network is to an attack. Vulnerability assessments are required for many compliances, such as PCI and HIPAA, and enable penetration tests to be smarter and more targeted compared to using simple port scans. Most importantly, they’re the foundation of creating a proactive information security program, moving beyond reactive measures like firewalls to start actively identifying your holes and sealing them up

Vuln Assessment for Modern Networks

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When conducting vulnerability assessments, what you do with the data is often more important than the data itself. These days, every vulnerability scanner can detect critical vulnerabilities among the majority of OS types and systems. Turning that raw data into actionable intelligence is a bigger challenge; when you get 1000s of vulnerabilities after a scan, how do you know where to start?

Vulnerability assessment also touches every level of a security organization. From your CEO’s laptop to intricate SCADA control systems and web servers, it’s important to accurately assess every piece of your network for flaws that hackers can use to break in. This means that scanners need to not only have a breadth of vulnerability coverage, but the ability to recognize sensitive systems and scan them accordingly without bringing down the network. Since vulnerability assessment covers your entire network, you also need to be able to provide the right results to anyone in your organization – from a system administrator to a CISO.

How Rapid7 can help

Using InsightVM, top ranked by analysts like Gartner and Forrester, you can easily conduct vulnerability assessment across any network environment. Our engineering team provides daily vulnerability check updates, so you know you’re always looking for the newest known flaws in your network. InsightVM focuses on making your data actionable; in addition to CVSS, our risk score looks at exploitability, malware exposure, and vulnerability age to give you a risk score of 1-1000 – the most granular in the industry – ensuring that you focus on fixing the vulnerabilities attackers would most likely use first. We make it easy to configure vulnerability assessments to scan any system – we have customers scanning everything from medical devices to SCADA control systems.

Most importantly, InsightVM lets you get the right information to the right people. You can easily create dynamic filters that categorize your systems by owner and responsibility, ensuring that every member of your team gets reports focused on the systems they’re responsible for. Our customizable reporting and dynamic, live dashboard also make it easy for you and your management to measure how your vulnerability assessments are reducing your risk over time, and where your weakest links are.

Need to outsource your vulnerability assessment program? Rapid7 provides managed services for InsightVM as well as consultant license for security professionals looking to do security assessments as a business.

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