Rapid7 Higher Education Program

Training the Next Generation of Cyber-Security Professionals

Up to one million information-security staff and managers are needed to fill the current global demand, as estimated by Cisco's 2014 Annual Security Report. The Rapid7 Higher Education Program is committed to addressing this global issue by helping universities and other educational institutions train the next generation of cyber-security professionals. The program provides free software licenses, training materials, and discounted professional certifications to eligible organizations.

What Rapid7 Higher Education Program offers

Whether you are starting a new cyber-security course or whether you're already established. Rapid7 provides technology and expertise for IT security data and analytics, most notably for vulnerability management, penetration testing, controls management, and incident detection and investigation. While open source products often provide cutting edge research, enterprise-level products drive the modern business. By taking the budget question out of the equation for choosing which products to teach, we're helping you educate graduates who are highly skilled and sought-after in the job market.

Accelerate your program's development

In addition to free software licenses, the Rapid7 Higher Education Program will help you build your hands-on security lab by providing preconfigured virtual machines to serve as targets for students to test their skills on. We also provide course materials to teach Metasploit Pro and Nexpose Enterprise, which you can use to educate yourself and your students on the solutions. Students are invited to take a professional certificate at the end of the course, which Rapid7 offers at a discounted price.

Join a community of universities involved in Cyber Security

The Rapid7 Community is Rapid7's 15,000+ member strong online community—an openly accessible area where community users and security experts alike can go to ask/answer questions about information security. As a Rapid7 Higher Education participant, you and your students will gain exclusive access to a private section of SecurityStreet where Rapid7 Foundation participants will gather and share stories and best practices on how to provide even more value to their students through this program.

Who qualifies to take part in the Rapid7 Higher Education program?

The program aims to reach these organizations:

  • Universities teaching network security courses (globally)
  • Network security courses in large organizations (typically reserved for government agencies)

What do program applicants need to provide?

  • Completion of the of the pre-screening and post-enrollment survey
  • Including Rapid7 logo as a sponsor on the course web-page
  • Adherence to the terms contained in the Educational EULA
  • Willingness to participate in the Rapid7 Voice feedback program

How do I apply for this program?

To check your eligibility for the program, simply fill in the short form below. We know that you don't like a lot of paperwork, and neither do we, so we're keeping this step simple.

After you've completed the application, our team will review and get back to you with next steps.

If you have any questions, please reach to us at: highereducationprogram@rapid7.com and we'll be happy to connect with you further on your questions.


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