Detect and Investigate Remote File Execution

By integrating with your network and security stack, InsightIDR detects intruders across the attack chain. From our red and blue teams and the Metasploit project, we've found that attackers are using stealthy techniques to evade detection, such as injecting malicious payloads into memory. This escapes many Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solutions and requires real-time endpoint visibility for detection.

In this use case, we'll look at a Remote File Execution alert and investigate it further.

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Alerts Prioritized by the Attack Chain

Each alert generated by InsightIDR is organized by where it typically appears in the Attack Chain.

For Log Deletion, this falls under Infiltration & Persistence.

Identify Notable Behaviors Across Your Network

InsightIDR doesn't just generate alerts; it tracks notable behavior exhibited by users and their assets.

This context is automatically served up during investigations and when viewing any user's profile.

Endpoint Detection, Standard in InsightIDR

We understand the importance of the endpoint, especially when they're critical servers or laptops away from the corporate network.

Through a combination of the Insight Agent and Endpoint Scan, your team gets visibility and detection – no additional module required.


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