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While it's important to reliably detect and investigate incidents on your network, reporting and communicating on progress is also valuable. Whether you need to assess compliance, or prepare a presentation for the board, InsightIDR can help you meaningfully visualize your data.

In this use-case, we'll head to the Dashboards tab, look at a sample Compliance Deck, and add an additional card to the dashboard.

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Powerful Log Search

Any event source on your network can be ingested for log centralization, search, and data visualization.

For more on the simple and flexible Log Entries Query Language (LEQL), check out the use-case, Search and Visualize Security Data.

Built-in Endpoint Monitoring

Most SIEM solutions have limited endpoint visibility, or make it prohibitively expensive to process endpoint data.

InsightIDR comes with both Insight Agent and Endpoint Scan to detect stealthy attacks and add context for faster investigations.

Deception for Better Detection

InsightIDR comes standard with multiple intruder traps to detect malicious behavior earlier in the attack chain.

This includes honeypots, honey users, honey credentials, and honey files.

For more, check out our blog post on Deception Technology.


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