View and Edit an Existing Dashboard

Here's our current dashboard, which answers common questions using real-time data. It's easy to move the cards around, or run and export a static copy of the dashboard as a report.

After exploring this page, we'll create a new card using 'Add Card', on the top right.

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Correlate noisy Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Alerts

IDS alerts aren't famous for their brevity. Here, we can see the number of alerts generated, as well as their severity.

If we need to look a layer deeper, the gear icon on the top right will take us directly to the logs in question.

Centralize and report on any data

In this dashboard, we're centralizing and reporting on Anti-Virus alerts.

However, you can build queries and cards for any data that is fed into InsightIDR.

Bring User Behavior Analytics to Your Reports

For the Outbound Firewall Deny cards, not only are we tracking aggregate denials, but also the users behind the activity.

Later in this use case, we'll create a similar card tracking users generating the most firewall alerts.


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