Visibility Across Your Users

On this page, several key types of activity are correlated back to the user. Each user listed here has unique process hashes on their endpoint.

Once you've explored this page, we'll click into one of the listed users, Rebecca Adams, for more user and asset information.

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Firewall and IDS Activity by User

Beyond endpoint data, InsightIDR attributes network activity to the users behind them. Spend less time retracing activity through DHCP logs and more time finding answers.

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Count of Unique Process Hashes

This shows the quantity of unique hashes on the endpoint. As InsightIDR automatically matches process hashes against the wisdom of 50 virus scanners, you can be sure that it isn't commodity malware.

To investigate further, you can go into their user profile, or query their endpoint in real-time using the power of the Insight Agent.

Get a Complete Picture of User Activity

With one click, you can see a user's full profile, which includes authentication activity, cloud service usage, login locations, and more.


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