Visibility Into Every Endpoint

Each asset has a page that displays the users that have logged in, accounts used, and recently used IP addresses. This information comes from multiple data sources, ranging from Active Directory, DHCP data correlation, and data collected from the Insight Agent.

Next, we'll scroll down further and then investigate a unique process running on Rebecca's primary asset.

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Integration with InsightVM

If you have Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose, InsightIDR can ingest vulnerability scan results and share that context across the solution. For example, if Nexpose identifies an asset as 'critical', it can be automatically tagged as 'restricted' in InsightIDR for more sensitive alerting.

Visibility into Local Accounts

For users that are travelling, remote, or otherwise off the corporate network, it can be challenging to detect compromise on their endpoints.

With InsightIDR, this data is not only collected and analyzed, but displayed in a way that gives your team easy context to make better decisions.


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