Get Immediate Context as Data Streams In

As soon as InsightIDR receives data from LDAP, Active Directory Security Logs, and DHCP, activity on your network automatically correlates to the users and assets involved. From this page, you can identify risk across your users, assets, and network. Note that instead of IP addresses and asset names, InsightIDR actually shows you the user.

For more visibility, including monitoring of least privilege principles, let's drill into Non-Expiring Users and Admin Accounts.

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User Risk Ranking

Each user on your network is ranked by the number of notable behaviors and alerts they have generated. This helps you identify risky behavior and proactively improve security awareness. You can click on any user name to see their full profile.

Easy Integration with InsightVM & Nexpose

InsightIDR can ingest Rapid7 vulnerability scan data, helping your team put faces to the vulnerabilities. To learn more about the combined benefits, check out our solution brief.

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Endpoint Data, Standard with InsightIDR

Through the included Insight Agent or Endpoint Scan, InsightIDR provides real-time detection and investigation for your endpoints – even for remote users travelling around the globe. As InsightIDR observes and analyzes all running processes, you can identify unique and rare processes to expose unknown malware and shadow IT.


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