Identify Admin and Service Accounts

InsightIDR will identify accounts with domain administrator privileges and display them here. If any other accounts are observed taking an admin action in Active Directory Security logs, they are tagged as well. InsightIDR also tracks admins across cloud services, such as AWS, Office 365, and other leading solutions.

For any user, you can click their name or use the top global search to access their full profile. Let's find out more about Nellie Gregory, one of our AWS Admins.

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Visual Tags

When you hover over the tags in InsightIDR, you're provided additional context. For example, Henry Parker, who is in 2 admin groups, is both an AWS and O365 admin.

Admin Activity at a Glance

This tab shows you recent actions taken across your admins. This includes actions like account activation, deactivation, granting admin privileges, and group activity. For example, here is info shown through our direct API integration with Okta.

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