2021 Cloud Security Executive Summit

Thank you for attending the Cloud Security Executive Summit featuring incredible speakers from Allstate and ViacomCBS Digital. While the overarching focus was on what’s next for cloud-native security, we covered many issues and challenges relevant today. With over 700 attendees from around the world and across all industry verticals, this event was truly a melting pot of cloud security professionals and their collective experiences. If you missed out on the event or a specific session (or just want to see something again), you’ll find the video recordings on this page.

CSPM + CWPP + CIEM = Your Path to Innovation Without the Loss of Control

Security experts Brian Johnson, SVP Cloud Security, Rapid7, Johnathan Keith, Director of Information Security, ViacomCBS Digital, and Peter Scott, VP of Products, Rapid7, debated the strengths and weaknesses of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) View their experiences and predictions for how the market will come together in 2021 and beyond.


IAM Confused - Least-Privileged Access Clarity For Your Cloud Environment

Hear from Tyler Smith, Senior Cloud Security Engineer for Allstate, Jeremy Snyder, Senior Director of Corporate Development, Rapid7, and Chris DeRamus, Vp of Technology for Cloud Security at Rapid7, and learn how they establish and maintain least-privileged access to prioritize and remediate improper permission combinations that grant unintended or overly permissive access.


Cloud-Native Security for Kubernetes in Practice

When building Kubernetes security practices, you must think from a practical perspective how an attacker would try to seize exposed assets, what are the first tiers of attacks, and how to build effective defenses around those understandings. This conversation with Chris Hertz, VP of Cloud Security Sales, Rapid7, Anjali Khatri, Kubernetes expert, and Gadi Naor VP of Software Engineering, Rapid7 will break down where and how to get started with your Kubernetes security strategy for cloud-native applications.

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