2021 Tech Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report

The technology industry is a top target for cyberattacks. And in the past year, new challenges have arisen due to the shift in remote work, increased third-party service adoption, and hybrid network environments brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to their ongoing battle against external threats, technology companies must be prepared to show solid proof of compliance with specific mandates, as well as a significantly enhanced effort to follow cybersecurity best practices. When this has not been the case, as in several recent third-party exploits, precedent-setting rulings and fines have been the result.

This 2021 Technology Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report gathers the latest information on threats to the technology industry and the valuable data traversing its systems. Download the full report to learn more about the following topics:

  • How the SolarWinds supply chain attack impacted regulatory activity
  • Why China’s APT groups are a significant threat vector
  • What MSPs must do to protect the technology companies they serve
  • How intellectual property and other confidential business information gets leaked
  • Where to look for holes in BYOD and remote workforce processes