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Strong cybersecurity for patient protection

When it comes to healthcare, protecting patient data is both a priority and a struggle. Service providers are battling the rising threat of healthcare breaches, evolving compliance regulations, and the challenges of securing data across multiple cloud environments. Rapid7 offers healthcare organizations the crucial cybersecurity support they need to secure large amounts of data, automate threat remediation and compliance workflows, and monitor the changing threat landscape.

Comprehensive Security for a Healthy Cloud Environment


With layoffs and the ongoing challenges of skilled staff shortages, IT healthcare teams are struggling to find and retain qualified cybersecurity experts. Automated DAST, vulnerability management, and remediation workflows can help your team secure cloud environments without adding team members (or frustrating the current ones).


In healthcare, patient care comes first and cybersecurity plays a big part. Protecting patient privacy and data is a critical part of providing quality care. Increased visibility across your cloud and hybrid environments with contextualized risk data will make cross-team collaboration simpler, invite executive stakeholders into the security conversation, and prove ROI.


Cybersecurity in healthcare is relatively new, and organizations often find it difficult to meet external compliance standards in their cloud and hybrid networks. Automated compliance workflows and comprehensive support from a cybersecurity solutions team can ensure HIPAA compliance and a stronger security posture.

Cyber Threat Report: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

In the past few years, healthcare has increasingly become the target of cyber attacks from malicious threat actors. These attacks range from ransomware that affects patient and operational data and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that disrupt facilities’ ability to provide patient care. 

To protect client data and services, healthcare organizations need in-depth knowledge of the threat landscape. Rapid7’s report covers the most pressing cyber threats facing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Readers will find useful information drawn from underground criminal forums, as well as media and vendor reporting from state-sponsored attacks.

A trusted name in the security community.

Rapid7 is a trusted cybersecurity partner for healthcare organizations around the world. Learn more about reducing risk, leveraging automation, and implementing compliance standards across your organization’s cloud environments with Rapid7’s trusted cloud security resources.

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In Healthcare (and Security) Early Detection is Key

Learn how the average healthcare organization is exposed to cyber threats.

Cloud Strategies for Healthcare Blog

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Cloud Risk Complete delivers a single experience for managing risk across hybrid environments, so you can move with speed, precision, and a full view of your risk posture. Clearly understand, communicate, and prioritize risk with comprehensive visibility via Executive Risk View. Secure your hybrid environment from development to production; detect and address risk across endpoints, cloud workloads, and traditional infrastructure; and perform dynamic application security testing to remediate application risk, all with a single subscription.

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