Happy HaXmas from Rapid7!

Elf on the Stealth

It’s Dec. 24 in the North Pole, and HaXmas preparations seem to be going off without a hitch—until Kevin the elf receives an odd email from “Santa” begging for access to the data-rich “Master Present List.” Will Kevin spot the phishing attempt, or will he click on the link? Watch our video below to find out!

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Announcing the 2021 Rapid7 Calendar

Deck your WFH setup with our free 2021 Rapid7 Calendar, and fa-la-lall in love with your monthly resource for all things cybersecurity history. We even include monthly reminders for easy ways to shore up your security over the course of the year.


Reserve your calendar by filling out the form below, and we’ll ship it directly to your home or office.

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On the first day of HaXmas, Rapid7 gave to me, the HaXmas blog series