Change the game.

“Cybersecurity” was born at 8pm on November 2, 1988. The first malicious worm was unleashed. Suddenly the internet was a dangerous place. Today breaches are inevitable and we wait. But what if you could stop waiting?
What if your SOC were just as everywhere, as extended, and just as full of surprises?

Ready for the security of an extended SOC?

It’s an entirely new approach: extended, joint operations that lean proactive, and control your exposure. Rapid7 MDR handles your 24/7 monitoring, unlimited response, and remediation with elite talent, transparency, and DFIR.

Forward-leaning and proactive

An extended SOC delivers complete visibility, context, and the strongest signal-to-noise. We recognize the earliest signals of evil, even emergent threats and novel TTPs. This stops breaches earlier in the kill chain, even preventing them.

Be wherever your environment goes

Silos, migrations, and even small changes create risk: vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, exposures. Rapid7’s cloud-native platform delivers complete coverage from a single agent, so you’re as boundless as your adversaries.

Unlimited coverage without an unlimited budget

Consolidate and you’ll save money. Do it with the right partner and you’ll save much more. A partnership with Rapid7 gives you unlimited VM, IR, and unlimited data coverage. You’ll have flexible licensing models, contract simplicity, and clear ROI.

Add an elite 24/7 SOC to yours with Managed Threat Complete

Rapid7 global services is headquartered in Washington, DC and recruits and retains top talent from some of the most elite intelligence agencies and cyber hubs in the world.
These are security veterans you want at your side.

Helping 11,000+ global companies take the gloves off

Endpoint Protection

Take attackers out before the pop. NGAV blocks malicious code before it's able to run.


Advanced open-source DFIR meets advanced protection at the endpoint.

Extended SOC In Action

Extend your SOC with an elite team and get complete coverage across hybrid environments.

Extend your SOC. Change everything.