National Exposure Index

Inferring internet security posture by country through port scanning

In 2016, Rapid7 Labs launched the National Exposure Index in order to better understand the nature of internet exposure—services that either do not offer modern cryptographic protection, or are otherwise unsuitable to offer on the increasingly hostile internet—and how those exposure levels look around the globe. 

This year, we continue this investigation into the risk of passive eavesdropping and active attack on the internet, and offer insight into the year-over-year changes involving these exposed services. We’ve adjusted our ranking algorithm to more accurately reflect overall exposure on a country-by-country basis, enhanced our scanning and geolocation methodologies, and provided evidence that some areas of exposure are, in fact, improving. 

To learn about the key findings and analysis, as well as what steps can be taken to improve security posture worldwide, download the report below, join our webcast to hear directly from the researchers, and explore country statistics via the interactive map.  


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National Exposure Index Map

Dive into the findings of the National Exposure Index by exploring our global interactive map with detailed statistics on each country's exposure.

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Country-Specific Executive Summaries 

We've dissected the findings even further to explore the exposure levels of several countries. Click on each icon to view the summary. 

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