SOC Automation with Rapid7's InsightIDR and InsightConnect 

Take Your Security Program to New Heights with SIEM and SOAR

You’re fighting the good fight—grappling with multiplying alerts and wrangling your ever-growing tech stack, all while defeating advanced and persistent threats to your environment. You’re already a hero, but who couldn’t use a few superpowers? So let’s talk about how you can take your detection and response program to the next level by combining Rapid7’s SaaS SIEM, InsightIDR, with InsightConnect, our security orchestration, automation, and response solution (SOAR).

Harness the (Super) Power of SOC Automation: 

Whether your security team consists of a pair of IT managers sharing a corner office or a distributed Security Operations Center (SOC) spanning the globe, efficiency is the key to a successful threat detection and response program. SOC Automation–the process of automating and optimizing your security posture–is the ultimate efficiency.

SOC automation helps decrease time from threat detection to remediation. By automating your security operations, you can augment human skills and expertise to detect and respond to threats with super speed, which translates to big wins for your team. We’re talking about increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall team function, as well as huge returns on investment.

Invisibility and Flying are Great. So is Synergy.

To keep up with an ever-evolving environment and stay ahead of attackers, simply combine the power of your SOC with Rapid7’s dynamic duo for SIEM and SOAR: InsightIDR and InsightConnect.

InsightIDR addresses alert fatigue, response time, and lack of visibility–core customer pain points. Thanks to the elimination of such obstacles, as well as newfound efficiencies, teams can utilize InsightIDR to focus their talent on what matters most while also advancing their security program.

Along this journey, InsightIDR provides access to critical detection and response workflows. These prebuilt workflows empower you to quickly automate containment actions. Furthermore, to maximize efficiency, InsightIDR connects seamlessly with InsightConnect to eliminate redundant, manual processes, as well as expedite response and accelerate operations.

InsightConnect, Rapid7’s standalone SOAR solution, enables teams to accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes with no code. Thanks to significant time savings and productivity gains across overall security operations, teams can go from overwhelmed to operating at maximum efficiency in no time.


Watch Rapid7’s SOC Automation Webcast to see this Superpower in Action!

To keep up with an ever-evolving environment, stay ahead of attackers, and combat the constraints of an under-resourced industry, security teams must find ways to supercharge their efficiency. That’s where InsightConnect & InsightIDR shine. Rapid7’s SOAR and SIEM platforms improve visibility, reduce alert fatigue, automate containment, and improve investigation handling -- a superpower for a modern security operations team.

In this webcast, we’ll show you firsthand how joint customers of InsightIDR and InsightConnect are able to:

  • Auto-enrich the quality of the alerts you receive, giving security teams more time to focus on the threats that matter most
  • Customize alerting and escalation pathways to maintain 24/7 uptime and drive immediate response actions directly from your chat tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • Reduce time to containment and stop attackers early by automatically containing threats related to high risk alerts.